Party planning – the first birthday

We have decided to keep Willow’s first birthday party relatively low key. Its an important birthday and I want it to be special, but while I still have control over the guest list we will be keeping things intimate and small – much more my style.

The theme I have chosen is daisies. I wanted something easy to put together as this party is so close to Christmas, but also as its the height of summer here I wanted something bright and fun. So there will be lost of yellow and white with cute details in the mix. I’m happy with what I have so far and think we will have a great fun party.

So I have the venue (easy because we have a pool area in our complex with grass for the kids to play, a pool to swim, and braai – BBQ for my american friends – facilities), I have a theme, I have the invites sorted (I just put together a pretty simple invite which we will send out via email and Whatsapp next week), and I have some of the decor items (I have been collecting things for a while over the passed few months).

I have a few things I still need to get – stuff for goodie bags based on who accepts said invites, need to sort out catering and I have a few DIYs I want to do. And, of course, I still need to do the best part – Present shopping!

So here are a few inspiration photos of what I hope the party looks like:


Photos by Allan Zepeda

Photos by Allan Zepeda


Photos by Allan Zepeda

Photos by Allan Zepeda

daisy-7 Daisy-cupakes-221x333 j18



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