Guess who got the croup

You know when you read those baby preparation articles on what to do in medical emergencies and they say when you hear a barking cough that sounds like a seal couples with wheezing that its probably croup?

Yeah, what they don’t tell you is that its the scariest sound in the world and you will panic and forget everything you were told to do in that situation.

Willow got the croup last week Saturday and it has taken us a whole week to recover (it also doesn’t help that the cold that started all this has worked its way through the whole family and made me very ill and has now made my husband very ill as well. Needless to say this was not a happy household last week.)

The cough really does sound like a barking seal. During the first attack the poor little girl was struggling to breath and you could see that she was panicking. She also had a really high fever. We did everything we could to control the symptoms as we were away for the weekend at the time. The next morning we packed up and headed home straight away. I felt so sorry for poor Willow having to sit in her car seat for four hours feeling miserable.

At home we gave her a cool bath to try bring the fever down, put the humidifier on and put all the fans on in her room. I treated the fever with ibuprofen every four hours. The worst was listening to the cough coming through the baby monitor all night.

We managed to get everything under control but it was quite a scary experience. Since then she has slowly been getting better. She still has a cough and a very runny nose, but we managed to get rid of the fever and her energy, appetite and playfulness has been slowly coming back.

Its quite tough being sick yourself and having to look after a sick baby. How we managed to live through last week is a miracle. Now I just need to get my other baby (my husband) back to health and I will be one happy mama.

PS – why is it that when the woman gets sick she can still drag herself out of bed, do her work and look after the baby all while feeling god awful, but when the man gets sick its like the world has come to an end and he just lies on the couch or in bed all day looking sorry for himself?


One thought on “Guess who got the croup

  1. emclair says:

    Oh, this is horrible. We had two visits to the emergency room because of croup, he didn’t recover until he had two doses of steroids. It is amazing what us mums can do when we have to! I hope she gets back to herself soon, nothing worse than seeing your little one ill.

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