Nine Months of Willow

Oh my goodness, I’m sorry this is so late. We are running a little short on time this month and life has been crazy!

We’re almost out of the single digits and are three months away from her birthday!!! How is this all happening so fast?

Willow seems to be changing on a daily basis. She is getting cuter and I swear smarter by the minute. She has been commando crawling for about two months now, but now we’re seeing her get up on her knees more and more often. She has taken a few steps forwards but usually lays flat on her belly to move bigger distances; in the mean time she is mobile and getting into everything! We have also seen the start of her pulling herself up on objects and if you hold her hands she will take a few steps to an object or person. We are also see a lot more bumped heads and bruises as she explores.

We’ve started baby proofing in the kitchen and have created an area just for her where she can sit and unpack things and get involved in what we’re doing. I still need to tackle the rest of the house but at least we’ve made a start.

She has learned to wave and clap this month and its the cutest thing to watch her clap her hands when she’s entertained; sometimes she will even do it if she’s a bit bored. She is also learning how to point and you will often see her sitting with her little index finger extended. Her pincer grasp is really refined now and she can pick up very tiny things like dust bunnies, which she then tries to eat and complains when I take them away!

Speaking of eating we have had a bit of an issue here with food lately but I think I’ve solved the problem. Willow went through this phase where she would eat nothing but would nurse or take a bottle. I will write a whole post dedicated to our battle but the short of it is that the child will not eat anything if she can’t feed herself!

Here’s a recap of what’s been happening this month:

• Willow weighed 9.2kg and measured 75cm at her last doctor’s appointment. We go back again in the next week or so for a follow up and the dreaded nine month vaccinations – not looking forward to those!

• She is in size 4+ nappies!

• She is wearing a mixture of 6 – 12 month, 9 to 12 month and 12 to 18 month clothing! A lot of her 6 to 12 month pants are now way too short for her. She has such long legs that they all look like capris. Thank goodness the good weather looks like its here to stay.

• Miss Monkey now has eight teeth! Eight! The doctor says she shouldn’t get any more now until after her birthday, but I’m not sure I’d take that nugget of wisdom to the bank. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens

• She can clap, wave, has started pointing and likes to do what I call her interpretative dance moves – these mostly happen when she’s sitting in the high chair and I’m trying to feed her dinner.

• She has stopped nursing during the day. She takes three bottles a day, but we are still nursing at night. Mostly because I can’t work out how to get her to take the bottle at night. The arrangement is working for us at the moment so I’m not in a hurry to change it. I have figured out with Willow that slow, gradual changes to her life work the best. She needs to be eased into things.

• She is out of the swaddle! We have had a long journey to get here, but have finally successfully weaned the swaddle out of our sleep routine. Since sleeping unswaddled Willow has become a side and tummy sleeper. Its the cutest thing in the world to see her all cuddled up on her tummy in the classic baby pose.

• She has quite a few consonants in her arsenal now and the babbling and singing is too cute. She has m, n, b, p, d, c, r, the occasional g and every now and again makes a th sound. The teeth definitely make a difference to her babbling and her word-like sounds are getting more varied. That said, now when she’s quiet I know she’s up to no good!

• She is on the move. She commando crawls every where and is starting to cross crawl (albeit a little awkwardly). She is also trying to pull up onto furniture, loves to stand against my legs and will even take a step or two if I hold her in standing position.

Her latest and most favourite trick - climbing stairs. She climbs the main stair case too

Her latest and most favourite trick – climbing stairs. She climbs the main stair case too

A contemplative moment during lunch

A contemplative moment during lunch

And she's off! The early days of cross crawling

And she’s off! The early days of cross crawling

Road tripping 101 - Never forget snacks!

Road tripping 101 – Never forget snacks!



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