On standing, falling and tears


Willow has become quite proficient at crawling over the past few weeks, but by far her favourite thing to do at the moment is stand.

She uses crawling almost exclusively as the method of transportation to get her to the next thing she wants to stand on. The problem with this? Well, firstly she’s missing out on all the amazing benefits of crawling that all the experts tell you is vital for childhood development.

To be fair neither my husband nor I crawled as kids and were both early walkers so at least Willow has surpassed us in that arena. Still I do wish she would crawl just a teeny bit more.

The second issue with all the standing is all the falling that goes with it. She likes to pull up on the most dangerous, unstable objects she can find. And though she has also gotten a lot better at standing, pulling up and cruising over the past few weeks she is still learning how to get down on her own. So she gets ‘stuck’ in the standing position and stays there until her legs give out and then crash!

Or, and this has been happening more and more, she tries to walk over short distances and she’s just not ready for that leap yet. She tried to cross from the couch to the coffee table the other day and cam crashing down. There was a lot of drama.

My baby is currently sporting some scrapes on her forehead, a fading black eye and normally has quite a few red marks on her somewhere from her falls. I know that falling is part of the process of learning to walk but I hate it. I want to wrap Willow up in cotton wool or make her wear a helmet…


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