Ringing in 29

It was my birthday yesterday and I have officially begun the last year of my 20s.

Its a little surreal to think that I have almost seen out another decade of my life. It really feels as if my 20s have just flown by and 30 is now literally knocking on the door.

Not that I mind much, to be honest I believe in ageing gracefully, accepting the challenges life throws your way and enjoying each age for what it brings. The idea of being 30 doesn’t scare me, but I still find it a bit weird when it comes to filling out forms (I’ll be moving into a whole new age bracket and I imagine it will be a bit like when you fill in the wrong year after New Years for a while). Also magazine article that recommend how you dress – you know the ones: “what to wear in your 20s, 30s and 40s…” That will be super weird!

Anyway, back to the main point of this post – the most unbirthday birthday ever. I’m one of those people who get super excited for my birthday. I love waking up super early, getting presents, getting all dressed up (I normally have my birthday make up and outfit planned well in advanced), I especially love going out to dinner and just revelling in the fact that its my birthday.

Well, this year I was up at 4 am with a crying baby who just would not go back to sleep – so getting up early check! I finally fell back into bed at around 6am, managed to drag myself through the morning in a pair of shorts and a tank top (I did wear the new jewellery I got as gifts so at least I was a little dressed up.) My day consisted of work, naps, having blueberry rice cakes smeared all over me and a lot of crying (Willow is trying to stand on her own and having a go at walking so there is a lot of falling happening right now!). I did go shopping but we bought groceries and I got a toy and some clothes for Willow.

So well I had a good day, it didn’t feel much like a birthday. But I don’t really care. I got to hang out with an awesome little girl all day and see her develop and move toward becoming a toddler is amazing, I had a lot of people call and wish me and my Facebook was very busy so I felt very special and I ended off the day with burgers on the couch with my man and an early night – Win!

It may just have been the best birthday yet!


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