Our life in September

Whoosh! That is the sound of September flying by. September was good to us and as I look back on it now I have many happy memories of the things we did and experienced.

We got to share in the birthdays of some special friends, hang out with our favourite people, enjoy the sunshine and watch Joburg come back to life with the spring and experience our first Highveld thunderstorm of the season. It was lovely.

I love how the city looks in the spring. The trees start to get lovely and green again and you can smell the new growth. The leafy avenues are looking beautiful once more. It makes me very happy.

Our days have been spent pottering in the garden or taking Willow to her different activities. I want to start going for walks with her more regularly and taking her out doors to see the city wake up from its long sleep. I think she’d love it.

Finally September also brought our third wedding anniversary! We got married at the end of September and I still can’t believe three years has flown by! It certainly doesn’t feel that long, but when I look back on how much our lives have changed in the past three years I have such a full heart. Life feels wonderful right now.

So with that in mind here is a bit of a recap of what we’ve been loving this September.


The Blush palette in Pinky

The Blush palette in Pinky

I have been gearing toward a much more natural looks these days. When the hot weather comes its BB creams and mascara and out the door for me. But I have been loving this LA Girl Blush Palette in Pinky. The bronzer is the perfect colour for me, the pink blush looks lovely and natural and the highlight is the perfect glow. Plus it is drug store so it doesn’t break the bank.

Keeping my pastiness at bay

Keeping my pastiness at bay

Another think I have been into this month is a touch of self tanner to make myself look less pasty. I have been really enjoying the Caribbean Tan products: The Exfolia is a lovely gritty scrub that makes your skin feel so soft and healthy afterwards, the tanning mousse is easy to apply and quick to develop. I also find that the tan looks great and not orange. And finally I have really been enjoying the mitt which I use to apply the tan and it makes the whole process so much easier!


Pick n Pay PJs

I am loving Pick ‘n Pay pajamas! They are soft and comfy, the shorts are a decent length so I don’t feel overly exposed and they wash really well. I have so much love for these!

Baby Fashion

Pick n Pay onsies

Pick ‘n Pay has been on a winning streak in the baby onsie department. They are a great fit for Willow, have such fun designs on them and are comfy for her to explore in. Also as she’s crawling now I don’t feel bad when they get absolutely filthy. In fact I’m more inclined to let her crawl around and get dirty in the cheaper outfits than in her special ones. So she’s been living in Pick n Pay onsies this month.

Willow Approved

Just a few of our large ball collection

Just a few of our large ball collection

Balls, balls, balls. That has been Willow’s favourite toys this month. She loves chasing them about the house, chewing on them, taking them out of containers, shaking the ones that rattle. They have been so much fun. We have a wide variety of balls that are different shapes, sizes and weights. I highly recommend balls for little babies.


Whenever I got a moment to myself this September I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and Masterchef Australia and somewhere in the middle I became addicted to Australia’s Next Top Model. I have no idea what’s with my reality TV fetish, but I can’t help myself! The shows are awesome.

I thought I would throw in one more favourite for those in the Joburg area. If you haven’t yet you must try our Cafe Do Sol Botannica. This restaurant is incredible! Hubby and I went there for our anniversary and the food was out of this world. We had such a great time. Its very busy though, so make sure you book.


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