Learning to swim

At our first swimming lesson

At our first swimming lesson

I could swim before I could walk and have always had a great relationship with water. I thank my mom for this because she was proactive and sent me to swimming lessons when I was still a baby.

With summer coming up there will be plenty of times Willow will be around water and I want her to be comfortable with it while knowing what to do if she should accidentally fall in. So I signed her up for Aqua Tots and we have completed one course cycle already.

The lessons are all based around teaching baby how to react in water by making it fun. We play games and sing songs while teaching the little ones what to do – the most important lesson being to flip on their backs when they fall into water.

Willow has become so comfortable in water and she really loves her lessons. She has started splashing and kicking now and its lovely to see. She has gone under the water a few times and we have had no tears! She has also successfully flipped herself onto her back while submerged and swims like a little jellyfish.

I was very worried at first because I heard that babies are not a fan in the beginning, but she’s a regular water baby.

I was talking with the instructor the other day and she said she has so many children who started with her at 6 months old and are now three and have moved to the big classes. They all love the water and swim like fish.

This is my hope for Willow. I want her to be comfortable with the water and safe around it (obviously it goes without saying that I don’t plan on leaving her unattended around swimming pools and stuff). It makes me incredibly happy that she’s adapted to it so well and I look forward to taking her swimming this summer!

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