Australia Haul

My mother in law recently went to Australia to visit family and came back with heaps of stuff for Willow.

So today I thought I would do a little haul and show you what she got.

Bonds Wondersuits

IMG_3738 IMG_3739 IMG_3740 IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3743

Willow was really spoiled with a vast collection of Bond’s Wondersuits. I find these make the most fantastic pajamas. These suits zip up from the top and bottom which makes nappy changes a breeze, they are warm without over heating, they are super comfy and they wash well. We had some in smaller sizes but now she’s got in 6 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months and 18 to 24 months. So we’re sorted with pajamas. If you can get your hands on some they are a must!

Bonds Dress and Leggings


Willow was also treated to this adorable dress and leggings. They are nice and long and made of lightweight comfy fabric. They are a few sizes to big, but I can’t wait for her to wear them.

Oshi-M tshirts, jackets, jeans and dress

IMG_3755 IMG_3754 IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747 IMG_3748 IMG_3749 IMG_3750 IMG_3751 IMG_3752 IMG_3753

We also got these stunning tshirts, jacket, jeans and a dress from Oshi-M. Oshi-M makes some of the most adorable kids clothes I have ever seen. Some of these are also too big for her and the jackets were purposefully bought for next winter, but she can fit into a few of the shirts and they look gorgeous on her.


IMG_3763 IMG_3761 IMG_3760 IMG_3759 IMG_3758 IMG_3757

She got some stunning wooden toys, some very snazzy Bandz sunglasses, a gorgeous rainbow monkey, stacking cups, books and a very cool nightlight to name a few.


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