Life in August

Seeing as how my August favourites are so late on account of life happening I thought I would do a bit of a life update and add my favourites onto the end.

August was definitely an ‘if its not one thing then its another’ month. I felt like I’ve been on the losing end of a battle all month.

This August we saw my husband contract a terrible bout of viral sinusitis which he then gave to Willow who got horribly sick, poor little thing; she then gave it to me so I was miserable too.

Willow was running a fever and wasn’t eating or sleeping. It messed with her routine a lot and by the time we started coming right with her sleeping through the night again she was hit by another bout of teething. So sleep has been thin on the ground this month!

That said, Willow has made some great developmental leaps this month. We’ve seen the start of crawling and babbling. She says mama, baba and now at last dada! They are still pretty interchangeable but I think she’s starting to figure out that I’m mom!

She has also started waving and clapping hands and is figuring out how to point. I swear every morning when we wake up she’s in possession of a new skill. No wonder she’s not sleeping.

August wasn’t all bad. We had some good times in amongst all of it. The weather has warmed up beautifully. I have spent a lot of time in my little garden and seeing the plants all coming back to life makes me really happy.

Here are a few thing I have been loving this month!


I have a few songs I am playing on constant rotation that are making me very happy.

I am loving Cheyenne by Jason Darulo

And I Can’t Feel my Face by The Weeknd (Willow loves this one too and we will often play it and dance around the kitchen).

Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy is growing on me.

I’m developing a bit of an obsession with Robin Schultz – I love Prayer in C and Sugar. I’m getting in the mood for summer 😉



Pick ‘n Pay Jeggings – I made the awesome discovery of Pick n Pay jeggings. I got three pairs – black, mint and pale pink – and have been wearing them on rotation. They work so well with everything, they have the perfect amount of stretch and they are light weight which makes them great for spring and summer. Couple all that with the awesome price and its all win.


Catrice Illuminating Blush in Kiss Me Ken

Catrice Illuminating Blush in Kiss Me Ken – This is a very pretty pink with a subtle shimmer. It gives a nice glow to the skin and the colour is very flattering. I also find it quite long wearing, and although the colour is quite sheer to start it builds really nicely. I found mine at Dischem.

Catrice Kaviar and Gauche nail polish in HoneyBlossom

Catrice Kaviar and Gauche Nail Polish in Honeyblossom – This is such a pretty colour! Its part of a limited edition collection and I am obsessed with it. It is the perfect pale peach colour that will be amazing for spring. It is super glossy without a top coat and doesn’t chip easily.

Willow Fashion:


Cotton On Tshirts – With the weather warming up I have been putting Willow in these Cotton On tshirts more and more. They are nice and lightweight so perfect layered over the top of a short sleeved onsie with a pair of leggings. They are also very soft and comfy and she can move around well in them. Perfect for this point when she’s getting so mobile.

Willow Approved:

Chilling out in her bouncer

Chilling out in her bouncer

Willow’s favourite toy right now is her Jumparoo. She jumps so enthusiatically in it that I fear she’ll break it or it will topple over. So far it has withstood her shenanigans and provides plenty of entertainment in the form of the attached toys and dangly bird and frog. We got the Fisher Price Rain Forest model and while expensive it was definitely worth the price. It has a broad base that provides stability, sturdy springs that withstand her jumping and she loves it. We highly recommend it.


Also we have needed a lot of Teejel this month. I didn’t really use it for her bottom teeth, but her top teeth have given her so much grief I felt I had to try something. Along with baby Panado this worked a treat with eating and sleeping.

Silicone fruit feeder

Willow has also really been enjoying this silicone fruit feeder. I only give her very slippery fruit like banana in this as I want her to know what the food she’s eating looks and feels like, but this is great for bananas and for on the go. Also being silicone it is much easier to clean!

NUK bottle with medium flow silicone teat

Finally,. I have been trying to get Willow to take a bottle for ages with no luck. Well we finally found ones she likes! She drinks from the Nuk bottle with a medium flow silicone nipple. Yes!

I hope you had a great August and that September treats you well!



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