The sleep trials

Sorry I seemed to drop off the face of the earth recently we’ve had a rough couple of week.

Willow went through a bit of a rough patch after her sinus infection when she decided to teeth four teeth at once and hit the eight month sleep regression all at the same time. This household is running on very little sleep currently and we are all walking talking zombies at the moment (In fact, she’s supposed to be napping right now and I can hear her through the monitor and she is most definitely not asleep, she is playing…)

We seem to have gone seriously backwards where sleep is concerned. Those beautiful eight hour stretches at night are a thing of the past, as is her falling asleep by herself. We’re back in rocking to sleep territory and I am currently getting up every three hours or so to try and coax her back to sleep. She seems happiest falling asleep in my arms and her eyes will pop open when I lay her down in her crib and we have to start the whole process over again.

There is light at the end of the tunnel right? Tell me this is just a phase and she will settle down into a much better sleep routine soon. Even if you lie to me. I’m so tired I might just believe you!

So days have become a matter of survival and juggling irregular naps. I will get back to regular posting as soon as I have the ability to gather up some brain cells.



2 thoughts on “The sleep trials

  1. makingababyv says:

    I hear you! Clara has 6 teeth that have broken through now. I hope sleep gets better for all of you. I tell myself that I’ve never met a 2 year old who gets rocked to sleep, if that is any comfort.

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