On sick babies and pure exhaustion

Wow August just did not cutting me any breaks. I have a whole list of blog posts I want to get up but life just won’t allow it right now.

In the mean time I thought I would share our experience of Willow’s first trip to the GP and first illness.

Sick baby

Last week my husband came down with a rather nasty viral sinus infection (he had a double whammy has he had a rather intense allergic reaction to something to go along with it). He promptly got man flu and was laid up in bed for two solid days (anyone who knows my husband knows that this is rare.) It was all very pathetic and had a knock on effect that I was not getting great sleep. Then Willow started acting up and not sleeping her usual long stretches.

I put the blame at teething’s door, although looking back on it I should have seen the writing on the wall.

On Thursday Willow started with a runny nose. I thought that would be the worst of it and aspirated her and gave her a saline spray before putting her down.

Thursday night was a disaster for Willow’s sleep. She just would not settle and it just kept getting worse. Nothing I tried was helping. At 3am it all went to hell in a hand basket. She couldn’t breathe and was crying and screaming her little heart out. To top it off she felt like a little fire ball and was running a temperature.

I would get her to have little cat naps with me in the rocking chair in her room but these would last 20 minutes tops. It was the most desperate, frustrated, upset and stressed out I have ever been as a mother.

By 7am I was ready to pack her up and head to hospital, but my husband talked me off that ledge and we went to the GP instead who diagnosed her with the same viral sinus infection.

Our biggest task was to get her fever down, keep her hydrated and get her to sleep. So we were sent home with the mac daddy of nose sprays and some Calpol.

The way to get her fever down was to strip her down to one single layer of clothing. Give her the Calpol every four hours for two solid days and if all else fails try a cool bath. If none of that worked we were to go to the emergency room.

Trying to break the fever

We did manage to get the fever under control and Willow is now on the mend. But it was very scary in the moment. Also it was heartbreaking to see my active, curious, vocal little one just lying on the couch staring sightlessly into space. She wouldn’t sleep unless it was on me and I basically wasn’t allowed out of her sight for 48 hours.

I am happy to report that she is very much better and getting back to her old self – although we are working hard to get her sleep back to what it was.

Having a sick baby is no joke! #exhuasted



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