Day 15 – Where will you be in 5 years time

The dream for five years time is to be doing something very similar to what I am doing now.

I would love to be working in a job that will allow me time to spend with my children. I have always wanted to be a very hands on mom. I want to be there for the little moments as well as the big ones. I want to help with homework and watch ballet recitals and rugby games. So I hope to find something that will allow me to do this.

Even though there are days when I swear I will only have one child I believe siblings are important and hope to have another baby down the line. Our perfect age gap is about three years so we will start thinking about trying next year or the year after. I want Willow to have the best of my attention while she is little and would like to give as much to the next baby.

Maybe the next baby will be a boy, but in my mind I see another little girl. Don’t get me wrong I would love one of each, but now that I know the joys of having a little girl boys seem even more alien to me. It would be a huge learning curve!

With another child on our hands we will need a bigger house so maybe we will have moved to a place with a garden so we can have swings and sandpits and space to run.

Hubby and I will be celebrating eight years of marriage and 16 years together! It will be the year that our time together equals to our time apart which is crazy to even think about!

Whatever we are doing in five years I hope that we are happy and loving life. That our house if full of children’s laughter and mess (mess means they’re growing, learning and making memories).


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