Day 13 – What’s inside your fridge

I try to keep my fridge stocked with as much healthy food as I can. This is much more difficult to do in the winter than in the summer as I hate eating things like salad in the winter. Just. Can’t. Do. It…

So now that the weather is getting so lovely and warm the contents of my fridge are getting healthier and more friendly to my waistline.

Right now it is stocked with a variety of fruits – blueberries, strawberries, grapes and pears – which I share with Willow.

I also have a whole range of salad goodies in there – a ton of carrots (Hubby loves carrots), cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, celery, lettuce etc.

We also keep our Sodastream bottles filled and staked in the fridge (I use my Fridge Monkey for this purpose.) I find drinking plain water gets a bit boring so I like to fizz it. When I took stock of how many plastic bottles we were throwing away each week and how much sparkling water was costing us we bought the Sodastream.

Then there’s Babybell cheese for Willow and grated cheddar which I use in her food quite a bit, full cream plain yogurt, cream and full cream milk (I don’t believe in low fat dairy. Healthy fats are vital to your diet.) Speaking of healthy fats I have half an avo in my avo keep from Willow’s lunch.

There is also condiments such as mayo and mustard and I always have a jar of Marmalade for a sweet treat.

In the tupperware I have some French Bolony, left over mince from dinner the other night and a left over lamb chop.

Finally my fridge is never complete without a bottle of champagne – you never know when you will need to celebrate something! I have found these half bottle of Prosecco at Woolworths which are great for this purpose.


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