My tips on buying baby clothes and fav places to shop

The cute shirt she wore for Father's Day

The cute shirt she wore for Father’s Day

When I first found out I was having a baby I started taking a keen interest in baby clothes and to my eternal disappointment found that the cute stuff is ridiculously expensive and cute cheap stuff is hard to find.

Over the last six months I have managed to narrow down where and how to buy kids clothes that will save you a bit of money (they grow out of them so fast!).

  • In the beginning, if you have any control over what clothes you get, try and only get for the age group your child is wearing at the time (or going into next). This is hard because people love to give clothes at baby showers but they either give you a million things for newborns or think they’re helping you by giving you something for a bigger child and not thinking about the seasons. Willow was born in summer so I had 3 – 6 month and 6 – 9 month stuff she never wore because it was far too cold to put her in those cute rompers. So what I do is buy just before she goes up in size so we are buying for the correct season.
  • Take advantage of the sales for the more expensive brands but buy for a bigger child. While I was still pregnant I did this and learnt that it works brilliantly. We shopped the Keedo winter sale and got stuff that Willow is wearing now. I have also just taken advantage of the Naartjie winter sale and bought stuff for Willow to wear next year. I also know that the Earth Child sale is coming up. I then put everything away in large plastic tubs waiting for next winter. My mother in law has also gotten some goodies from Oshi-M in Australia for next year.
  • If buying for now buy cheap. For spontaneous treats nothing is more satisfying than finding something cute at a dirt cheap price. So if you need to pad a wardrobe go to places like JET, Ackermans, Pick ‘n Pay etc.


I have found the best places to get baby clothes are:

Cute stuff from Ackermans

Ackermans – so cute, so affordable, especially if you are buying their multipacks. They make the sweetest clothes that fit well. I find they run a little big though

Bon Jour t shirt - Mr Price

Bon Jour t shirt – Mr Price

Mr Price – I only recently found out Mr Price does baby clothes *face palm* and they are one of the few places that does a 6 – 9 month size range. Their stuff is adorable, affordable and comfortable. It also fits really well and I find it is true to size (My child is on the taller side but perfectly average in weight). Tip: use the online site to buy, trying to shop in a Mr Price is hell.

I Love Daddy multipack t shirts - Woolworths

I Love Daddy multipack t shirts – Woolworths

Woolworths – Slightly pricier and don’t try to buy things like onsies there (nothing impressed me in the baby department). Their t shirts, pants and jerseys etc. are great though. I mostly buy multi pack basics here and I really like their brushed fleecy tracksuit pants. They keep Willow really warm and comfy.

My Little Pony t shirt - Pick 'n Pay

My Little Pony t shirt – Pick ‘n Pay

Pick ‘n Pay – The mecca of cheap baby stuff, although I find that their plain onsies have a weird fit (they gape at the neck and have really long arms!). I love their printed onsies that are basics, but fun. I especially loved theses when Willow was tiny as it gave me cute things to put her in that I didn’t mind washing a million times. I also love Pick n Pay socks – they don’t come off as easily as other socks! (As a mother you will understand the eternal battle of trying to keep your baby’s socks on!)

Clicks – I love, love, love Click’s basic white onsies. I have a borderline obsession with them! They are less than R50 for two and they fit so nicely and are really soft. Also they are the best onsies for layering (now that its winter I put Willow in a vest, put on one of these long sleeve onsies and then out a t shirt on top. She is kept toasty without being too padded up so she can still move around easily and play and grow like she’s supposed to.)

Zip Up onsie - Cotton On

Zip Up onsie – Cotton On

Cotton On Baby – Want the cutest clothes in the world? This should be your first stop. Again this is on the pricey side (R200 for a t shirt…), but they’re having a sale at the moment and the stuff is much more affordable at sale time. Cotton On’s stuff feels great, is really comfy and washes up well. Also the cuteness factor is through the roof. I love their t shirts and their zip up sleep suits are full of win. If you get one thing at Cotton On get the zip up sleep suit.

T shirts - Earth Child

T shirts – Earth Child

Earth Child – Again if you buy smart you can get some really great stuff here. They recently had a buy three get one free special and their winter sale is on now! I love Earth Child basics they are some of the softest and comfiest around (note: they say do not tumble dry, but I do – I just use the delicates setting- and have had no issue; I do not accept responsibility if they clothes shrink though…) Their baby grows and onsies are great too.


Naartjie – The pinnacle of kids clothing. You need to shop smart at Naartjie. Sign up for their birthday club – you get a voucher every year for your child’s birthday. Also remember their back to Naartjie programme. Every winter they do a clothing drive and for every wearable piece of Naartjie clothing you take back to the store you get a 5% discount voucher. This year’s drive ended on 30 June. So make sure you save the stuff for next year. They also do specials (buy one get one half off etc.) all the time and their sales are great.

Cue t shirts from Pep

Cue t shirts from Pep

Misc – I have also found cute stuff at Jet and Pep, but they take a lot more work to find their cute things. Also Peps are rare in my neck of the woods. I also find Pep runs really small. Willow out grew all their clothes the fastest.

Where do you buy your baby and kids clothes? I am always looking for cute clothes for Willow.


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