June Favourites

Well June swept in with a vengeance here in South Africa. May 31 was delightfully warm and sunny and then June 1 winter arrived! It’s been bitterly cold and frigid all month (this is weird because normally May is quite chillos…)

So now that winter is here I have been living on hot tea and binge watching series – isn’t this what winter is for? I hate winter. I detest being cold. Can summer come back now please?

Anyway, here is what our little family has been loving this month:


This month has been all about treating my dry skin and providing some much needed hydration. I have been having a love affair with oils this June.

For lips the Clarins Instant Light Perfector Lip Oil is a thing of absolute beauty! It doesn’t add any colour to the lips but it feels so incredibly rich and it really soaks in and makes your lips feel pampered and soft. I have the Honey variety. I highly recommend these.

For the face I have been using the Justine Face Oil with Rosehip and this is magic in a bottle. I really enjoy the silky feeling on my skin and I find it is really helping not only with hydration but also with my hyperpigmentation.

Freemans Honeydew and Chammomile Sleeping Mask has been a great find for me. I like to use this once a week. You go through your skin routine as usual and then top it off with a bit of this. Allow to sink in then go to bed. In the morning your skin looks plump and youthful. No dullness to be seen. I only have the sachet of this and find that it is lasting me quite a while. I found this at Dischem.


I have been all about fluffy knits (I think they’re called eye lash knits?). They are incredibly fluffy, soft and comfortable to wear while still keeping me really warm. I currently own three pull overs and one long cardigan. Practically living in these at the moment.

Baby Fashion:

I officially have Willow in 6 to 12 month clothing and already some clear favourites are coming out of her wardrobe. The first being these ‘jeans’ from Woolworths. I don’t like dressing little people in denim – I find it hard to move in and scratchy. But Woolies has these in stock at the moment – they are actually legging that are made to look like jeans. They are soft and stretchy, easy to move in and score a 10 in cuteness! They make any outfit more adorable.

Willow approved:

Willow is having a love affair with stacking cups. She likes to grab them one by one and chew on them and she loves when I build towers for her to knock down. I try to make the games educational as well by telling her what colour they are and using place words like: in, on, under etc. These cups were a gift and are from Fisher Price.


So I have started getting back to work with a few vital changes, the biggest of which is that I am no longer in an office but rather working from home and trying to juggle my time between work and looking after Willow. So a huge favourite this month has been my planner and making to do lists. I make lists of everything from household chores, to grocery items, to work that needs to be completed and ideas for the blog.


Again Hubby and I managed to get a baby sitter and get out to see one movie this month. We went to see Jurassic World and I really enjoyed it. It’s got dinosaurs, action, some funny bits and beautiful Chris Pratt.


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