Willow’s 6 Month Check Up

I cannot believe that my baby is half a year old! It just blows my mind watching her grow and develop every day. I think I’ve finally hit that stage where I think ‘I made that!’ you know?

Anyway, we had her six month check up at the doctor the other day and I feel like I got 100% on a test! Nothing is more gratifying than a medical professional praising you for a job well done.

I did have a few concerns and things I wanted to talk to the doctor about going in, but mostly I was just excited to find out how Willow is really doing. When you’re with a person everyday everything becomes routine and you kind of miss the little things.

But I am happy to report that the doctor is very pleased with her progress. I gave myself a mental mom high five of awesomeness.

Growth wise Willow is perfectly average in her weight which is about 8 kg. She is measuring tall at 70cm, but it was something we expected and is perfectly normal so we’re pleased as punch. Her brain development is also good – I don’t know what her brain circumference is but it’s in the normal range. Also she is showing no signs on imbalance or scoliosis – another win.

Developmentally it seems that she is hitting some milestones early. Her sitting abilities are quite advanced and the fact that she bears weight on her legs so well. Also the fact that she is starting to use two hands in play (holds onto one toy and grabs for another with the other hand).

The doctor is also happy that we’ve started solids (I started her with first tastes a little early because she kept grabbing food off my plate) and gave me some advice on how to proceed. It was pretty much just underlining what I had already researched (I am hyper research mom after all!). But it was good to hear and know I’m on the right track. She also warned me about what to expect in terms of poops and sleep. So we’re all ready to go forth with operation solids.

I was a little concerned about this little cough thing Willow does but apparently there’s nothing to worry about unless it’s accompanied by a fever. Sometimes is gagging a bit on all the drool she has going on and other times its exercising her vocal cords (this is what my doctor said, please check with your own if your child is coughing!).

The last thing I was concerned about is Willow’s disdain for tummy time and how it will affect crawling. I never crawled as a baby and I have had upper body weakness all my life because of it. I also have issues with spatial awareness and battled to learn how to write when I first went to school. So I’m obsessed with Willow learning how to crawl. The doctor is not overly concerned though she thinks Willow should have no issue and I should just keep persevering.

On a side note I have been looking into baby exercise programs for a few reasons. I would like Willow to socialise a little bit – she loves other babies and I think she’d find it fun. Also I think it would put me in touch with other mothers which could also be a good thing. And third if it will help her upper body strength and crawling then I’m all for it. So we’ve signed up for Clamber Club starting in Mid-July. I’m quite keen to see how it goes.


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