How I’m doing…

So I thought I’d pop up a little bit of a Mom Progress Report because mom’s need love too.

It’s been almost six months since Willow was born and I have spoken very little about myself in all that time.

As I have mentioned before I found labour and delivery to be a lot easier than I expected. I know we all have different thresh holds and tolerances, but my body seemed to weather the storm pretty well. I’m not sure if the exercising I did leading up to the birth made much difference, but I like to think it did.

Just to recap, I didn’t go overboard with the whole fit pregnancy thing, but I tried to consistently work out and keep moving. I found going for walks really helped to stave off a lot of the morning sickness (maybe it was the fresh air?) and later in pregnancy it helped ease hip and back pain. Although I did find it difficult right towards the end – at that point I slowed the pace down to an amble and just focused on moving. I also did a lot of swimming in the final weeks. From the perspective of feeling good during pregnancy I highly recommend exercise. I put on a total of 19 kilos during my pregnancy.

Willow is a natural breastfeeding baby with a good latch and veracious appetite. For which I am grateful because otherwise her stint in the NICU with jaundice would have put paid to my breastfeeding goals. In the beginning we just focused on getting her better and getting my milk to come in. I am incredibly appreciative of my support system – our paediatrician was fantastic in the advice and support he gave me and my husband was sent straight from heaven. The experience was probably one of the hardest things I have ever gone through and I am so happy we got through it with a healthy baby who eats well and has grown like a weed.

Ladies if you’re attempting to breastfeed get yourselves a good lactation consultant early in the game, and make sure you have the support of the people around you; it makes such a difference. That said – if you can’t breastfeed there is no shame. Just do what works for you and is in the best interest of the baby. Willow was fed formula for the first week of her life because she needed the hydration. If she had to continue with the formula then that’s what we would have done.

In my experience the breastfeeding helped me to lose a lot of the baby weight. Again I know that isn’t the case for all moms, but it is how it worked out for us. As of now I weigh 57 kilos – which is a little below my ideal weight and quite close to what I weighed when I conceived. I’m not eating a calorie controlled diet or exercising at the moment. I hope that when I start to exercise more regularly I put on a bit of muscle and get back up to 58kg or more. I do fit back into all my prepregnancy sizes clothing wise and like the way I look so we’re leaving things as they are.

Creating a new normal and a bit of mom style

Creating a new normal and a bit of mom style

I healed quite quickly and very well from giving birth and at my six week appointment my doctor and I discussed birth control – as you do. We decided to go for the implant (which I will do a whole separate post on). So I had that installed in mid-April with very little fanfare.

So in short I’m tired and hungry all the time (did you know breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories a day?) but very happy and completely in love with my little girl. My life and body are not what they used to be, but we have created a new normal and we love it!


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