Must haves for 3 – 6 months

The first quarter of Willow’s life really flew past and we are now fast approaching her half birthday!

So I thought I would update our must have list that I posted a while ago (link).

I was initially going to post an update for 0 to 3 months, but after going through my list and looking at what we used in the 0 to 3 category it was all basically the same as for newborns.

So here is what we consider must haves for 3 to 6 months in our house:

Sitting unsupported for the first time

Sitting unsupported for the first time

Play mat – We are still loving our play mat (we have one by Tiny Love that is designed to grow with baby and so far so good!). We use it every day and it’s great because the bright colours really helped with tummy time. Willow also love playing with the dangly toys. One thing I will say – to prevent boredom swap out the toys fairly regularly.

A heater and adult towels – Willow has always loved her bath but as the weather turned colder she started crying more and more. Hubby and I thought it was because she was cold. So we brought out our oil heater and put it in her room. We also started using ‘adult’ towels. They are much thicker than the baby ones and keep Willow warmer for longer. We also started making the water a tiny bit warmer. All that worked a treat and Willow is back to loving bath time.

The high chair is a real winner

The high chair is a real winner

A high chair – We have the Stokke Steps high chair and we love it. Willow started wanting to sit up really early. She hates it when her view is restricted and she wanted to be involved with everything going on. But I couldn’t hold her all the time. Enter the high chair. I now simply pop her in and give her a few toys – usually a Tupperware and plastic spoon or spatula – and she will happily entertain herself so I can tidy, cook, or do whatever I need to. Win!

A mobile – I never believed them when I was told a mobile is an essential. Well I’m now a covert. It’s great to have something to entertain a squiggly baby while you get them dressed or change a nappy. We got one it brightly coloured birds that plays Brahms’ Lullaby. At first Willow would just watch it avidly. Now she tries to catch the birds as they ‘fly’ above her head!

Napping in the car

Here is Willow with Princess Sophie and her favourite book

Here is Willow with Princess Sophie and her favourite book

Toys – Willow is now finally old enough for toys. She especially loves ones that make a noise. We are lovers of the Lamaze toys in this house. We have Dee the Dragon, Princess Sophie, Bella Bunny and a brightly coloured book. They are all winners. I love that they have different textures, colours and sound effects. Willow loves that they make noises and she can chew on them. She also has a monkey that she adores – we call him Paw Paw. I have also discovered that toys in the pram and car are a must!

Getting so big!

Dribble bibs – Willow started teething early and she can produce and astonishing amount of drool. We love the Dribblies bibs. They keep her chest nice and dry and they come in different colours and prints. So they look very cute with her different outfits.

Sophie the Giraffe

Teething toys – I won’t go too much into what teethers we love as I have already done a post on those. Read it here.

Chilling out in her camping cot with all her toys

Chilling out in her camping cot with all her toys


Deryan Camping Cot – This is a pop up tent type camping cot that we used a lot during this period of Willow’s life. Its great for her to sleep in and also really awesome for her to play in safely while we sit outside. It zips up so she is safe from mosquitoes and snakes (we live in Africa, you can never be too safe) it’s small and compact when folded and it travels so easily. I highly recommend these.

And that’s it! I hope you find this useful. I will update this when we reach the end of the 6 – 9 months period. Also I would love to hear what you found useful for your little one. I’m always looking for things that make life easier!


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