Our daily routine

One thing I love about Willow being older is the fact that we now have a routine and our days have become somewhat predictable.

Don’t get me wrong, I use the word routine very loosely as you can’t always predict what’s going on with your little one.

There are a few things I try to do while Willow naps. These include doing her laundry, writing blog posts and taking stock images, the work I need to do as I’m starting to work from home. I also like to put outfits together for the both of us. I find this is a great way to get us both dressed quickly in the mornings so we can get to the important stuff; also it’s a great way to make sure she is wearing all her clothes as nothing upsets me more than when she outgrows something she never wore…

Most of our days look a little like this:

8 to 8.30 am: Wake up

8.30 am to 9.30/10am: Play time (I take Willow upstairs to the lounge so she can play with her toys and play gym. I attempt to get some tummy time in. Some days are more successful than others it depends on her mood. I will also use this time to get a workout in. I follow along to a short video on Youtube. If Willow is amenable I may do two but I really play it by ear. I will do a whole post on what workouts I have been loving.)

10am: Nap time (This is usually the best nap of the day. On a good day she will sleep for two hours on an average day it is only one hour. This sets the tone for the rest of the day. I use the time to tidy up, load the dishwasher, have a shower, maybe squeeze in a blog post or do some knitting. It really depends on what’s on our agenda for the day.)

11am: Wake up and play time. (I like to vary the kind of play we do. So here we will play games, sing songs, some days we may go out and run errands such as grocery shopping. She stays awake and happy for the longest time between now and her second nap.)

2pm: Nap time (On average this nap is only an hour. Again I use this time to do things I need to around the house.)

3pm: Wake up and play (again I like to vary the activities. So it really depends on what we did earlier in the day.)

4.30pm/ 5pm: Nap (If she only slept for one hour then she may need another nap in the late afternoon. This is normally a 20 to 30 minute cat nap at around 4.30 or 5pm.)

5pm to 6.30pm: Daddy time (By now my husband has come home from work and he gets to play with Willow. We will also all sit in the kitchen together and get dinner ready. Willow likes to sit in her high chair and watch all the activity and Hubby and I catch up on each other’s day.)

6.30pm: Bath time (We try to keep this as consistent as possible. I can push bath time by half an hour in either direct depending on sleep for the day, but 6.30 is our optimal time.)

7pm: Final feed and bed time.

*The reason I only included one feed in the routine is because Willow is still feeding every two to three hours. She will often have a feed before a nap even though I try to stick to the ‘wake, feed, play, sleep’ formula it doesn’t always work out for me. Also we will be starting on solids soon so the feeding will need to be rescheduled.*

When we go out I try to do it in the 11am to 2pm slot and I like to get back before nap time so her sleep is as consistent as possible. That said it doesn’t always work out.


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