Let’s talk teething

I finally have some time to sit down and write! Would you believe it?

To today I thought I’d chat with you about our favourite teething accessories. We have hit that point in development and Willow is starting to give me a run for my money!

Teething for us means quite a bit of grumping, whining, chewing everything in sight including the fingers and hands of whoever is holding her, blankets and of course toys. And drool. SO much drool. My husband calls her Gobzilla for good reason. It is constantly dribbling out of her mouth. All. The. Time!

Well, her bottom two teeth have now popped through and these are the teethers that got us thorugh


The Nuby Stage 1 Teething Dummy – my daughter has never liked dummies (or pacifiers as some say). In fact many a dummy has found itself hurled across the room. But this one is a hybrid between a traditional dummy and a mouth guard. She loved to sit and chew on it, although I need to be on hand for when it slips out of her mouth. Now she can manipulate it and put it in her mouth herself. Its fun to watch. I also found this a brilliant way to use teething gel. I would put the gel on the gum guard and then pop it in her mouth. Trying to apply it directly to her mouth was just messy and more would get on her tongue than her gums…


Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe – We have two Sophies. The traditional giraffe loved the world over and an actual teething ring with nubs and bumps to chew on and relieve sore gums. Both are well loved in our household. Another thing I love about them is that they are easy for Willow to hold by herself so she can get the most out of them


The Oball – We have two Oballs, a bigger one with a rainmaker rattle inside and this small one. I also have the Oball linky looks which are rubbery and interesting shapes and colours. They are easy for babies to get a grip on. The small one is better for now as it is nice and light and flexible. Low loves it. She plays with it for ages. It’s also great for encouraging midline play and great from throwing to get mom to play fetch.


Pigeon Barbell Teether – This is great for early teethers like Willow! It is super light and small so little babies can hold and manipulate it. So it will work the motor skills and hand eye coordination. It has the petals are made of textured rubber which make them fun to chew on. Full of win


Multicoloured rattle – This was a gift so I’m not sure of the brand but I’m sure you’ll find similar. This was first toy Willow worked out how to hold herself and she loves to chew on the coloured pipe things, which are rubbery. Add a fun sound and you have a winner. Also great for midline play and hand eye coordination.


Mo the Mouse – This is a soft toy, rattle, teether hybrid and Willow loves it. The tone of the rattle is unlike anything else we have so that keeps it interesting. Willow likes to chew on the whole thing, but the wooden ring is where the teething is supposed to happen. What I also like about it is that it’s full of different textures so it’s fun for the littles.

And finally to address all the drool we have going on:

Bibs are a must have! We like a brand of bibs called Dribblies. I have seen others overseas called Dribble Bibs. They look like hankerchiefs, catch all the drool and keep the chest dry. Which I feel is super important.

Then finally I swear by Aquaphor balm. I apply it to Willow’s cheeks, chin and neck to stop her from getting a rash from all the saliva. It’s also great for mom when you can find lip balm!

I hope this helps you with your little ones on their teething journey. Let me know if you have any other recommendations we should try out!


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