Four Months of Willow

Wow! What a month April was! Firstly, let me apologise for this going up a bit late, and for not posting anything else last month. It was hectic to the extreme but a lot of fun!

Miss Willow has made so many milestones and she has changed so much I sometime struggle to believe its the same child! Also I will admit to looking at her and wondering where my tiny newborn went. But I am also so proud of her and excited to see all the little progressions she makes. This is such an exciting time.

So first big change in our lives is that I have decided to not go back to work straight away. I can’t face the thought of putting her in day care. I will go back eventually I’m just taking a bit of time to enjoy her being so little. I have a few prospects I’m currently exploring and I’m also toying with the idea of getting some new qualifications to beef up my CV. More on that as I go.

No onto what you really want to know: What’s going on with Willow!

In general she is still a happy baby. She still hates to miss out on stuff so daytime naps are a big challenge for me, but she sleeps so well at night that I can’t really complain. She normally goes down between 7pm and 7.30 and she normally wakes for a feed at 8 or 9 and is then out until 4 or 5 am. Its such a pleasure.

We’re working on coordination and she is trying very hard to sit up on her own. She is almost there but still doesn’t quite have the strength yet. Here are some more highlights:

• Laughed for the first time on Easter Sunday. She is still quite a serious baby, but the laughs and giggles are becoming more regular. The first time she laughed she gave herself such a fright at the new noise she made. It was the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen!

• In Size 3 nappies! She is getting so big!

• When she was weighed at the doctor’s at 14 weeks she was 6.1kg. My scale at home says she is currently 6.9kg. (I know there is a disparity between their scale and ours, but I feel she has gotten heavier, taller and more solid. Also she has those really adorable thigh rolls. Long story short she is growing really well. *pats self on back*)

• She is fitting really well in her 3 – 6 month clothing. It was almost as if it happened over night. One day they were still too big then the next, presto they fit!

• She has started teething! My husband calls her Gobzilla at the moment because the sheer amount of drool she is producing is astounding. We can see the teeth in her gums and they have made lumps, but haven’t broken the surface yet.

• She is starting to actually play with toys now. Especially toys she can chew on. She also seems to have toys she prefers and will reach for them on her own.

• She still enjoys spending time on her play mat and has gotten really mobile. She turns from her back to her sides and will wriggle herself 360 degrees to get to the toys she wants to play with. She is getting really good at tummy time. She holds herself up for ages and we seldom get complaints these days.

• She rolled over from front to back for the first time! Its still inconsistent but she’s gotten herself over a few times now. The first time was a complete accident and she was really surprised by what had happened.

• She met her aunt and uncle for the first time when my sister and her husband came to visit from Hong Kong. During that time she attended her second wedding and her first game lodge and went on her first game drive and put her feet in the swimming pool for the first time.

• She has discovered her own mouth and vocal cords. She has a lot of fun making high pitched sounds which I like to refer to as her singing. She will also suck on her bottom lip or play with her tongue for ages.

• She’s a real Chatty Charlie and loves to ‘talk’, babble and make sounds.

• She smiles so easily now and is cute social. When there are new people around she will be quite charming and smiley. Its lovely.


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