Pregnancy Must Haves

Before my pregnancy becomes a distant memory in the whirlwind of looking after a newborn (and while I have some time on my hands) I wanted to create a list of must have items that I would have been lost without during my pregnancy.

1. Comfy underwear – I figured I’d start at the bottom and work my way up. I didn’t buy a whole lot of maternity clothing items. Instead I focused on being comfortable. If that meant I wore a pair of maternity pants then that’s what I did. This included my underwear. In my mind maternity underwear was a waste of money. So I stuck with really stretchy comfortable normal panties and comfy sports bras – the sports bras where life savers.

2. A good body moisturiser – my skin became drier than the Sahara during my pregnancy and with the dry skin came unbearable itchiness. I would cover myself top to toe in Nivea Shea body cream. My tip for dry skin is skip the lotion and go straight to cream – it is a lot more nourishing for your skin. I also put Bio Oil in my bath water. It made a huge difference

3. Stretch mark cream – I used Happy Event and I tried to apply it every evening after my bath. I didn’t get stretch marks, but I don’t really think this helped all that much. What it did do was keep the tight skin on my belly and boobs super moisturised so I didn’t rip my skin of due to the itch. And yes, I did apply this over the other body cream I used.

4. Stretchy waist bands – I’ve said it before and I will say it again – you can get away without buying maternity clothes if you go for items with stretchy waist bands. Also when your belly pops you can show it off in tight tops and dresses and look very cute. I was a big fan of the body con skirt and tank tops.

5. Maternity pillow – I slept with one of these from about five months. It was a game changer and was instrumental in getting a good night sleep. My husband was not a fan, but I was comfortable and that’s all that mattered at that point. Try before you buy though!

6. Panty liners – you may think you won’t need these, but you will…

7. Hydrating facial mist – I swear by this if you have a summer pregnancy. A quick spritz on a hot day goes a long way to refreshing you, especially if you feel like your blood is boiling in your veins. Try it on your feet too. It feels so good!

8. A bikini or swim suit – again because I had a summer pregnancy. I bought a larger bikini than I normally wear and would go hang out in the pool on most days. I personally think pregnant women look awesome in bikinis, but if you would prefer a maternity suit then go for it. The weightless feeling of being in the water in unparalleled when you feel really heavy.

9. A good hair cut and colour and a pedicure – This may seem superficial, but the bigger and heavier I got the more unattractive I felt. Getting a great haircut and colour made me feel so much better and more like myself. It was a little indulgence that I really enjoyed. Its important to care for yourself as well!

10. Exercise – I didn’t do anything crazy, but I tried to get out for a short walk every day at the very least. I did strength training right up until I went into labour (although I did cut back on the intensity right at the end). I put on 15 kilos in my pregnancy and two weeks after giving birth had lost most of it. Now at two months postpartum I have three kilos to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I give a lot of credit for this to eating right and exercising during pregnancy


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