Wonder Weeks

Willow and I have gone through the ringer with her growth spurts over the past two months.

She gets incredibly clingy (or as we say in South Africa Mama vas – which is literally translated to clinging to mom), she’s cranky and she wants to eat. All. The. Time! I feel like I’m attached to her by the boob. But when she comes through she’s her usual happy, calm self just a lot bigger and more turned on if that makes sense.

I found out the other day that you actually get two kinds of growth spurts – physical and then cognitive (which are called Wonder Weeks).

During these growth spurts the baby’s brain takes a leap forward and paves the way for all the big stuff that comes later such as talking, grasping etc. And physical growth spurts and leaps don’t always coincide. Willow has gone through two physical growth spurts and is in the midst of her second Wonder Week now.

I got the Wonder Week app and downloaded the book from Amazon and I have to say it is one of my favourite baby books! Its makes such a difference when you understand what the baby is going through. When I get really frustrated with her in the middle of a crying fit I remind myself that its a very confusing time for her and she needs support. It helps calm me enough down so I can calm her down (I firmly believe that babies pick up on our vibes and react to them – so a calm mommy usually leads to a calm baby.)

Its so amazing to see her when she’s come through the growth period and is all of a sudden doing new things. She smiles a lot more and interacts more and actually plays with me and her toys. Its wonderful.

I really recommend you give the book a go. I love it and have learned so much! (it also helps to know that you are not alone in your frustrations!)


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