Update: 2 Weeks Postpartum

After this we will be all caught up and I promise this post will be short and sweet.

This was the first week of having Willow home and I fall more in love with this little girl every day.

After our intense week in the ICU I was so happy to have her home. She is still very much a little newborn, but I felt like I was playing catch up all week and I will admit to being a little jumpy around her.

She has become more alert this week, and spends a bit of time awake, but she still eats and sleeps a lot.

Here’s a break down of how we’re doing:


Weighs: 3.4kg so she’s put her birth weigh back on.

Measures: 52cm in length – she grew two centimetres!

Sleep: She sleeps really well. A lot of it is still daytime, but she is doing quite well at night so far. Some are better than others, but we do two to three night time feeds at the moment. She eats about every 4 hours. I had to teach myself not to react every time she squeaks though. She’s a bit of a noisy sleeper and I would leap out of bed to see to her when she was quite happily dozing. Now that I don’t do that any more we both get more sleep.

Eats: She eats like a champ and has happily changed to being exclusively on breast milk. I was worried that we would have niggles due to all the formula she was getting, but she’s been amazing. She has a great natural latch and eats like a ravenous beast. Which makes me very happy.

Loves: to be around people, to babble to herself, bathtime with her dad and being held.


Recovery: My recovery has been going really well. My stitches are healing up nicely, the post delivery swelling has gone completely (hello ankles! I forgot how skinny you were!), and my stomach has gone right down. Its not quite flat, but its pretty darn close.

Weight: I have lost 10 plus kilos so far. I say that because the last time I got weighed was three weeks before she was born and it was pre-Christmas. At that weigh in I was 73kg. I’m pretty sure I put on more weight since then, but I’m back at 63kg now. Another 5kg to go until I’m back to pregnancy weight, but I’m not stressing about it.

Breastfeeding: I’m really enjoying it. Some days I feel like all I do is feed her, but I love to sit and look at her. Her skin and hair is so soft and I can’t believe that I made something so perfect! I will admit that my nipples get quite tender and that initial latch can be brutal but I don’t mind. Its all in the name of her being happy and healthy so small discomforts are the least of my worry.

General Household

I thinks its safe to say we are all besotted with this little monkey. Even the cats have started taking to her – or rather they don’t think she’s the enemy, just something worthy of quiet disdain. I try to make sure the two of them get as much love and cuddles as possible and that seems to mollify them a bit.

Finally there is nothing quite as sexy as seeing your husband fawning over your baby. Ladies, when they say having a baby makes you fall in love with your husband all over again they mean it. A man with a baby is completely heart melting! On a little side note, today is Hubby’s birthday and an anniversary of sorts – we’ve been together for 11 years today! So without further ado: Happy Birthday my love!!!

20150111_151907 20150112_164837 20150113_110100 20150116_140745 20150116_145650


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