Work baby shower and haul

This little girl and I have been really spoiled in recent weeks.

My colleagues at work threw me a surprise baby shower and we were given even more gifts and supplies. It really was so, so special and I was incredibly touched by the lengths that they went to.

There were different types of cupcakes, cake pops and snacks, balloons, bunting and more. It was really lovely and my hormonal self was all emotional!

We were given even more adorable clothes (little girls are so much fun!) as well as blankets, bottles and baby essentials. And they were also kind enough to give me a hamper of goodies in what they called the Mommy Survival kit, which is to pamper myself with once the baby is here.

Here’s a closer look at what we got:

More clothes! I love and adore baby clothes. They are so much fun.

Baby essentials – wipes, baby powder, Bennetts Bum Creme (I think we now have a lifetime supply πŸ˜‰ ) dummies and bottles

20141203_175609 20141203_175549 20141203_175519

A really cute interactive toy for her pram or crib when she’s older.



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