My baby shower and a haul

My mom and amazing friends threw me a wonderful surprise baby shower on Saturday. I was really not expecting it and they went to so much effort. It was so special!

Husband had whipped me off to Pretoria with all sorts of infinitely, practical reasons that I really thought that we were on a shopping mission before heading off to dinner with friends.

When we got there however, my friends took me off his hands and to a really cute cupcake and tea shop where we had high tea (so many delicious cakes and treats!) and the baby and I were spoiled rotten.

It was so much fun to chat and catch up with my friends, who I haven’t seen in a few weeks, as well as family I haven’t seen in ages. They also gave me so much practical advice as well as really useful gifts that I am looking forward to putting to good use.


Here’s a rundown of what we got:

Baby clothes – This is a baby shower staple and we got some really cute stuff. I love this onsie that says ‘Thank Heavens for Little Girls’ as well as this t shirt that reads ‘Daddy’s Little Love Bug’. How adorable! Also my friend folded the onsies she gave me into roses and stuck them in a bunch of real roses, (which are currently gracing my kitchen table) and I as the idiot I am forgot to take a photo of them before I complete disassembled the arrangement, but it was lovely.

Hand-made items – My friend knitted this gorgeous pram blanket and my mom has been on a knitting mission making tiny jerseys, booties and blankets. I am going to have so much fun playing dress up with the baby!


Swaddlers, cuddle grows and receiving blankets – Having a summer baby in Africa is no joke, it gets really hot here in January, so I was given quite a few really light weight receiving blankets made from muslin and some goodies to make swaddling easier.


A book of children’s stories and nursery rhymes – This was such a thoughtful gift. I am a prolific reader and some of my fondest memories was story time with my parents and sisters. I can’t wait to be able to sit down and start reading stories I grew up with to my own daughter.


A beautiful family of owls my friend gave me to go with the owls she painted on the nursery walls!

20141203_171606 20141203_172351

Toiletries and baby essentials – This is a really thoughtful gift from my friend who had her baby last year. These are all products she swears by, uses everyday or could not live without. The dragonfly garland lights up and is to act as a night light in the nursery.


Dummies (pacifiers)


A really soft and cuddly soother


Embroidered towels – people have caught on to my dragonfly obsession. I love it!


The final gift was from my sister in Hong Kong. She had t shirts made up with little sayings on them that read Mommy of 1, Granny of 1, Granny of 3, Aunty K and Aunty C. We’re all to wear them when the baby is born and for photos. It’s so incredibly sweet.



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