It all happened so fast!

It’s December and we went from having an empty room with nothing for this child to being practically ready for her!

And by practically ready I mean all we need is a bathtub and a changing mat (both of which we can manage without at first). I could bring her home tomorrow and she will be perfectly comfortable in our house with all her things. Its mind blowing!

How did that happen so quickly? One day we had nothing, the next we were ready. I have to wash all the teeny, tiny baby clothes and blankets and then organise the nursery.

I will pop up a post when it’s completely finished. I have a few posts lined up that just need to get written so I will be quite busy over the next few days. Look out for our experience at the Mama Magic baby show and my surprise baby shower complete with hauls next week!

I really can’t wait for this little one now. And that’s pretty much all we have to do now, sit and wait for her big arrival!

Speaking of happening so fast, I find it amazing that this journey that started way back in May is now almost over! A mere six weeks remain to our due date. It felt so long in the beginning and now it feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye!


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