December Doctor’s Appointment

Another month another doctor’s appointment. But this time with some very exciting and equally terrifying news.

Each month, whenever we have gone to the doctor we were told that this little girl is a little bigger than she should be. She has always been long and her weight a little higher than average, but all within the normal range.

That trend continued at this appointment with her clocking in at 2.6kg! She was 1.8kg three weeks ago. So she is growing and growing quickly.

My doctor said that people who see the large weight always start asking if the baby will be coming sooner than expect and normally this is not the case. However, in our situation it may be because she is already starting to drop into my pelvis and engage. The size of the baby doesn’t determine labour, the moving into the pelvis does.

While she may not make an arrival anytime soon, the possibility is there. My doctor said that although she would prefer if we made it past 36 weeks, if I go into labour from now on she will not stop it.

The baby is perfectly healthy and the only thing she would need is some steroids for her lungs, but every week we gain from this point on is a week of maturity that will stand her in good stead so I’m hoping she hangs in there until she’s full term, if not longer.That said my doctor delivered two babies this week that were 2.6 kg and both were happy and healthy.

It’s both exciting and terrifying to think than we truly are playing a waiting game from this point onwards.

My doctor seems pretty confident she will see me at my next appointment in three weeks’ time, but she isn’t sure if we will make my due date and is pretty sure we will not be going over it. She’s also fine with me being at work for the next week and a half. I think we may be looking at the baby arriving very late December or very early January!

Before I left the doctor’s rooms we discussed labour signs I need to watch for in case the Monkey decides that the time is now.

This little girls seems to have no patience and we’re officially on baby watch! How did we get here so quickly?


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