Nursery Update Number 4

I have another nursery update for you. Its really coming together and I’m so happy with it!

As was said in my last update, my friend helped me out with the mural on the wall. She came came back on Friday so we could finish it up.

20141121_195228 20141121_212301 20141121_213545

We painted in the owl, the bird house and the two love birds on the branch. These three were the only pink elements on the wall and I love how they turned out. They add to the whimsy and give just that touch of femininity without being over the top. It was a little tedious this time around because with less to paint we had times where we were just standing around literally watching paint dry. But we survived and all that effort was well worth it! (We were painting at night so some of the photos look a  bit yellow..)

20141121_223209 20141121_224553

The final step was using some of the navy to touch up and sharpen the lines and adding the gold dragonflies. Back in the planning stages my mom mentioned to me that we should try get a 3D element onto the walls. Then one day while shopping for something completely different I stumbled upon these and knew they would be just perfect. They have been sitting on the shelf for four months! It felt so good to finally put them on the wall!

20141121_224541 20141121_224518

And boy, what a difference they make! They tie in so beautifully with the gold finishes in the curtain rail and tie backs. I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome.

20141122_075145 20141122_075141 20141122_075112 20141122_075103

Then more excitement when the nursery furniture arrived. We ordered the furniture in grey and white and it ties in so beautifully.

The final items we need to finish this off completely is the rocking chair, which is coming in December and to put up the shelves. Then we’re done.

I love how it looks!


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