Nursery update number 3

So we got to work a bit more on the nursery over the weekend.

I cannot wait to see the end result. Each time we do a bit more work on it I can see how it will look when it’s complete and I get so excited!

The first step we did was clear it out. The small room had become a bit of a storeroom and we need to clear everything out of there so we could see what we were working with. Then came the paint. I knew what I wanted the room to look like before I even got pregnant and the only thing that changed a little bit is the fact that we’re using pink for a girl and it would have been blue for a boy.

Three of the walls are a beautiful soft, subtle grey (the same grey that is in the rest of our house) and the feature wall is a navy blue that had a purple undertone which I absolutely adore. I know people will be buying us a lot of pink – I have already been given a beautiful pink blanket, so I wanted to keep the pink in soft furnishings rather than on the walls.

But I still wanted something that had whimsy to it. To this end I decided I wanted a mural on the statement wall and I am very lucky in the fact that I have an artist friend who was awesome enough to come help me out.

Step one - chalk outline

Step one – chalk outline

Step one - chalk outline

Step one – chalk outline

The first thing she did was draw the basic outline in the wall with chalk. We marked out where all the big stuff would go – the trees, the bird house and the owl. If you’re planning a mural I would highly recommend this step, because we had to move the bird house around a bit as it was hanging too low at first and would have been blocked by the crib. It’s easy with chalk because you can just rub it off the wall with a damp cloth.

Once the outline was done we talk the secret weapon for murals – masking tape – and taped around the trees. This step helps keep the lines crisp, prevents you getting paint where you don’t want it and really makes your life easier.

Step 3 - paint

Step 3 – paint

Then we started painting. We were going to make the trees white, but decided the same grey as the other walls would be better. Its ties the two elements together in such a beautiful way. The colour is still bright enough that the silhouettes make an impact, but it’s softer than white and lends a congruency to the room. I love how it came out.

We needed three coats to make the finish really opaque and then we went back in with the navy and sharpened up the knots in the wood.

The final result - beautiful tree silhouettes

The final result – beautiful tree silhouettes

The final result - beautiful tree silhouettes

The final result – beautiful tree silhouettes

The final result - beautiful tree silhouettes

The final result – beautiful tree silhouettes

Then came the fun part – removing the tape. It gives you such a satisfying feeling to peel the tape off! And to see the end result was awesome. The trees look amazing. My friend took the blue and made slight adjustments here and there to the trees where needed and we were done for the day.

The next step, which I hope to do at the end of the week is to finish up the leaves, bird house and owl and add the pink birds that are flying between. I also have beautiful gold dragonflies to add a 3D effect.

The nursery furniture should be arriving next week. It’s all coming together and I’m so happy with the result!


2 thoughts on “Nursery update number 3

  1. Liz Harris says:

    Oh my, the trees look stunning, how clever is Gail, we are sooo impressed and so look forward to seeing it all finished when we visit next week! Xx

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