The one where I bitch a lot

I must admit to feeling pretty moody this week.

On the whole it has been a great week. We got to see the baby at our last doctor’s appointment, the days seemed to just slip past and it was the early shift for Hubby which means more time spent with him.

But I have felt huge and uncomfortable and I am ready to get this pregnancy over with. It’s funny. Some days I feel like this is a cake walk and I’m cruising through. And then others I feel like I’ve been pregnant for ever and I’m so over it, you know?

This week has definitely been an over it week. I have started getting really sore feet at the end of the day and the hip and pelvic pain mean I have developed that attractive pregnancy waddle. Also my back seems to get sore earlier and earlier in the day, bed time cannot come soon enough but when I lie down I’m uncomfortable. Even lying in the bath is not something I enjoy as much – where it used to offer a lot of relief.

Add to that the fact that I am always hungry, tired, over-heating, can’t breathe and have gas and I can see why you should never upset a woman in her third trimester. It doesn’t take make to spark a meltdown.

Another thing is the size of the bump is getting in the way. If I drop something on the floor I have a debate with myself about whether I really need to pick it up or if I can leave it on the floor…

I know this seems like a really bitchy post but you know what? That’s how I feel. I love my daughter, I love my husband. I usually have a much sunnier disposition. But I’m feeling done with this and the fact that there’s another two months to go is depressing me a bit.


2 thoughts on “The one where I bitch a lot

  1. Jaime says:

    I’m with you! I feel awful for it because I just knew I would love actually being pregnant but I’ve decided that while I love feeling her move, and I’m thrilled to death about the end result of having a sweet little baby, I am so not into pregnancy anymore! Hopefully the next little bit goes by fast for us!

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