More stuff for baby – A baby haul

It’s been a while since I did a baby haul. To be honest we still haven’t bought that much stuff, but we’ve kindly been gifted a few items that Have steadily been filling the Monkey’s cupboards waiting for me sort through everything.

So here’s a little run through what’s new for her:


Green monkey: My monkey nickname is catching on in our family and when my mom and dad came back from their trip to Sweden they brought with them this gorgeous hand knitted green monkey. It really is the cutest thing.

20141105_090427 20141105_090408

Snuggle grow and penny farthing onsie: This is such a sweet gift from a family friend. The onsie is so freaking cute!


AngelCare baby monitor: One of the few baby items we have actually bought. We needed a baby monitor for when my husband’s sister and her kids came to visit from Australia. So we researched the heck out of which one we wanted for ourselves and finally settled on this one. It’s had a good test run and works like a dream so happiness all round.


Stuffed mouse and wooden teether: This is a lovely gift from my sister in law when they came to visit from Australia earlier this year. Each character in this range has a little back story that includes occupation, likes and dislikes. Its very sweet and so soft. It makes a rattling noise and apparently babies love them. I’m excited to start using it!

20141105_090800 20141105_090736 20141105_090810 20141105_090821

Pink fluffy blanket, ice cream socks, Jelly cat mouse soother, baby wipes and lotion: This is a sweet gift that I got from my mother in law when she gave me my birthday present over the weekend. The blanket and the soother are so soft! I can’t wait to put this in her room.


Pink socks and cloth nappies: This one is from my sister just before she left for Hong Kong. It was so incredibly sweet of her. In SA we use these kind of old school cloth nappies for everything from cleaning spit up to laying over the changing mat when we change nappies.

20141105_090649 20141105_090710 20141105_090617

Winter baby grows: Keedo was having a 50% off sale on their winter stock so my MIL and I headed there to see what they had. We decide to get these three, which are utterly adorable, for next winter.


Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy: Also a gift from my Mother in Law, I found this tucked away inside the nappy bag when I opened it up!


Thandana Nappy Bag: I finally have a nappy bag! I went with this one, which is leather and very roomy and will fit everything we need. A friend of mine has the same one so I know it lasts well. I’m very excited about it.



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