Pregnancy Update: Week 29

This has been a big week for movement in the Monkey’s little life. She’s always been an active baby, but now that she’s starting to run out of space and getting stronger she’s gotten really entertaining.

We now have a proper routine established. She will wake up when I do at about 6am and kick about like crazy inside. Then she naps again until 10.

At 10 she keeps me entertained at my desk by rolling about, stretching, sticking her bum out at me, kicking me in the ribs and more fun stuff.

Then it’s back to sleep until around 3pm, and then again while I’m on the couch with Hubby after dinner. She also gets active again when I go to sleep around 10pm. And every time I wake up in the middle of the night she will do some stretching before settling down again.

Another really entertaining thing is now she gets the hiccups. She gets them just about every day during her mid-morning play session. My whole belly moves when she has them and she doesn’t like them too much. She will lie still and hiccup and then roll around and kick and punch as if they’re annoying her. It’s too cute really. I picture her rubbing her face and huffing as she rolls over.

As for me, I am running out of energy more and more, especially on hot days, which just zap my reserves like no one’s business. By the time home time rolls around I am sore and grumpy and tired and my poor husband then has to deal with me.

We’re still fighting the air conditioning war at work, but I have a fan now and guard it jealously against people who want to turn it off. I feel infinitely better when I have some air flow and it helps stave off the fatigue.

Another thing I’m doing to fight the fatigue is trying to add a bit more exercise in. I’m trying for a little something every day. If I get really lethargic I find doing some squats or deadlifts help get my blood flowing and help me feel better.

Ironically sleep this week has been pretty decent. I’m still getting up quite a bit, but I seem to be sleeping deeper and feel somewhat rested in the mornings. I’m laying the thanks for this firmly at the magnesium’s feet. If I don’t take it I feel crap the next day. So magnesium for the win!

How far along? 29 weeks

Baby is the size of a: small cabbage!

Total weight gain/measurements: I’m now up to 66 and a bit kilos. That 70 kg mark i getting ever closer!

Stretch marks: Nope nothing yet.

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby moving about. Its one of the best things about being pregnant

Miss anything? Skinny thighs? No, don’t really miss much this week…

Movement: So much!

Food cravings: I’ve been on a big fruit kick lately. I’m loving pawpaws, watermelon, strawberries…

Anything making you queasy or sick? When I eat too much… My stomach capacity has really shrunk

Gender: A girl

Symptoms: Tiredness, swelling, internal combustion, bad sleep, getting out of breath easily and not having much stomach capacity and pelvic pain. The third trimester is lovely! #sarcasmfont

Belly button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? I’m getting really close to taking them off all together.

Happy or moody most of the time: I’m happy most of the time, but I find my unpredictable emotions are back

Exercise: Got in two awesome strength workouts and a good long walk. I’m really proud of myself.

Looking forward to: Our antenatal weekend away is this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it. I think learning how to look after a baby will make me feel a lot more comfortable.




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