4D scan and seeing the baby

We got to go to our 4D scan last week and it was an incredible experience. What made it even more special is that we did the scan on my birthday – it was such a treat!

The sessions are quite short, ours was just half an hour, but you really get to see so much. It’s amazing what technology can do these days.

We arrived at the hospital for our early morning appointment. We made it early so Hubby and I could both still get to work on time.

Our little girl was fast asleep during the entire session, which is consistent with what I have come to recognise of her routine, but she was still very entertaining.

4D_0008 4D_0009

We got some really nice videos and photos of her face. He mouth never stopped moving the entire time. This one is going to be a talker, I can tell. My poor husband has to deal with two of us in the house now.

We got great videos of her yawning, sticking out her tongue, sucking her thumb. She would shake her head and rest her chin on her hand. She was using me as a pillow with one hand under her chin and the other up next to her face. She’s damn cute!

I think she looks very much like her dad when he’s sleeping. She has the same pouty mouth and I’m still convinced that’s his nose. She definitely has my chin though.


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