October Doctor’s Appointment

Another month another doctor’s appointment and this one was pretty short and sweet.

I headed to the doctor’s office a little early on Friday as I had make sure my hospital admission information was correct and to collect my voucher for our 4D scan. Then I headed off to meet Hubby and see the doctor.

We chatted a bit about my weight gain, which is looking good at the moment. It’s a little higher than her guideline, but she assured me that as long as I was eating healthily and exercising that everything was ok. This made me feel a lot better as I was stressing about this quite a bit. I’m pretty sure Hubby is really happy not to hear me talk about it anymore.

We also spoke about me being over emotional and not sleeping well. The Doctor said this is linked to a magnesium deficiency. Which makes sense, a lot of common problems are linked to magnesium deficiency such as headaches, tiredness, trouble sleeping etc. But you’re always told not to take extra minerals or vitamins without a doctor’s go ahead. My doctor wrote me a prescription for slow release magnesium, which I’ve started taking, so I’m hoping this will start helping soon.

Then we got to the fun part – the scan. I love that we get scans at each appointment. It really is the highlight of my month to see what she’s looking like and how she’s growing. The biggest surprise this time around is her size. She’s huge! And I don’t mean fat, she’s very tall and already weighs 1.2kg. That just blows my mind.

The doctor is incredibly happy with her and how she’s developing. She’s doing really well and is bigger than what she should be. I’m growing a giant! All kidding aside the doctor says I’m feeding her well and that the blood flow between us is really good. She’s gone through such a growth spurt the last month. No wonder I’ve been so tired.

We’re going to keep an eye on her as I get closer to my due date – which has not changed – but there is every chance she might make an appearance earlier than we expected.

I don’t have a photo for you. We did take, but they weren’t the greatest. To be honest I don’t even know what I’m looking at so I decided not to post them.


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