Belly mapping

Over the weekend the topic of baby position came up. I know quite a few people who had breech babies and it got me thinking about how Monkey is positioned, especially as we are not in the third trimester and have three months to go until her arrival.

Thus, my obsession with baby mapping was born. I have been researching the heck out of how you determine where your baby is lying and which position they are presenting.

At this point it’s pretty much guessing based on certain clues that she’s giving me; I am looking forward to seeing how close I am when we got to the doctor on Friday.

My guess right now it that she is head down. I get the strongest movements up near my ribs on my right hand side and some by my navel, but not as strong – These I’m guessing are her legs and knees. I have also started feeling her hiccups low in my pelvis and get light fluttery feelings lower down and deeper in my belly (not so much on her the surface) – which I guess are arms and hands.

Also when I feel her rolling over movement they are up by my navel. To be honest she hasn’t given me much in this department since I learned what to look for. So I’m going to keep an eye out for those. The hard lump you get when this happens is normally the little butt.

I’m also trying to figure out if I can feel her back at all – it should feel like a long hard object and should optimally be on my left side. That said I haven’t felt it yet, so I think she’s got her back along my back. FYI, the optimal birth position is head down with her back along my front.

As I said I’m really looking forward to seeing the doctor on Friday and seeing how close I am. I think she’s turned quite recently because I was feeling strong movements on both my sides for a few days then her movements got very subtle again – like they were when I first started feeling her. This scared the crap out of me. But I’ve been kick counting and there is plenty of movement, it’s just further inside, which is what leads me to believe that she’s turned.

Has anyone out there done belly mapping or baby positioning with any degree of accuracy?


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