My favourite pregnancy workouts

So I have been having a very good pregnancy so far and have been exercising pretty regularly throughout.

I’m not going to lie to you that I’m some sort of super human who never misses a workout. There are days I don’t feel up to it, days I am just plain lazy and days when I am way too busy. But I have been trying my hardest to get it done at least two to three times a week and if I manage four I have a mini-celebration.

I find that I work out best when I do it in the morning. The issue with this is that getting out of bed is such a trial. I would go so far as to say down right traumatic!

This is me most mornings:

Pre-workout – “I just can’t possibly manage to get out of bed. If I get up now I will not be a functioning human at all today.”

“The cat has only come to cuddle now, I’ll wait five more minutes…”

*10th alarm goes off* “Oh hell, how is it that late already? I have to be at work in half an hour!”

On mornings I managed to get up and work out – “I feel so good!”

“That was a great idea, why don’t I do this more often?”

“I’m going to get up early every day this week and workout!”

Then the vicious cycle starts all over again.

I find I’m most optimal if I do a few short workouts. That way if I’m feeling good I will do a few more, but if I wasn’t feeling it that day then at least I did something and can continue with my day and try squeeze something in later.

The ideal week sees me doing Yoga on Mondays, Cardio (a walk around the neighbourhood) on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Strength on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I like to follow along with a youtube video and so far my favourite one is from POPSUGARfitness. It’s the pregnancy strength routine with Andrea Orbeck. It’s fantastic and I always feel like I worked really hard in the 10 minutes when it’s done.

I also love the lower leg and upper body workouts – both by Sophia Ruiz.

Youtube is great in general for those who workout at home. You can customise the workouts by doing as few or as many as you are able and you you will find such variety both in terms of exercises and time slots. I’m particularly fond of POPSUGARfitness, BEfit, and ToneItUp

If you’re looking for a good workout give these a try:



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