September Doctor’s Appointment: The Anatomy Scan

2014-09-18 18.07.07

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day for me. It’s weird how having something awesome to look forward to puts you in a good mood, but that’s the way it panned out.

I got up early, spent a bit of extra time in bed cuddling with my cats before getting ready and heading to work. All with the anticipation of going to the doctor that afternoon and seeing the baby.

I love doctor’s appointments. They’re really reassuring and a great way to know that you’re on track, milestones are definitely being reached and that all is well. I have said it before, but one of the hardest things for me is trusting that everything is ok with the baby. I want to see her and know for sure that we’re all good. So getting to see the baby once a month is definitely a highlight for me.

This particular scan we went back to the fetal development specialists – the same practice we went to for our 12 week scan. This is supposed to be done around the 20 weeks mark to check structural development, make sure that everything is on track, that blood flow and organ development is good; all that fun stuff. Also if you haven’t been able to before, this is where you confirm sex.

The session started with counselling about what we were going to do, what we were looking for etc. then into the scanning room we went.

The first thing we did was measure things like bone length (thigh, shin, radius and ulna and humorous), check for fingers and toes, and just generally make sure that her growth was within the expected range, which it is. She’s getting really big! It’s amazing.

Then we started looking at the brain, heart, kidneys, stomach, liver, bladder, eyes; we checked for cleft palate, umbilical inclusion, spinal development and a whole bunch of stuff that I can’t remember right now. The good news is that everything is perfectly normal and she is doing great.

It’s a bit odd for me, because I latched onto the “everything looks really good” sentiment and a few random facts, but other things just kind of passed over me. For instance I know she weighs 628 grams, her leg bones are almost six centimetres long and she has four fingers and a thumb on each hand. Also we definitely, definitely have a little girl on our hands. I have heard stories about people who get told its one sex, but when the baby is born: Surprise! It’s not what you were told it was. So I keep asking to double check. Weird, but true.

2014-09-18 18.10.15

We got the most adorable 3D photo of her face which I am obsessed with! I swear the world stopped turning when I saw that face. She’s so cute. I know I’m biased because I’m her mother, but seriously we have made one adorable baby. She has her dad’s nose and my chin. It’s love. I cannot wait for the 4D scan now!

I’m ridiculously happy right now and can’t stop looking at my photo. Sorry this post was so wordy. I try to keep them short, but I have so much to say!


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