Pregnancy skin care

I haven’t spoken much about skincare on here but it’s been on my mind a lot.

Mostly because throughout my first trimester I was dealing with some severe hormonal acne, which has thankfully cleared up. Now my skin is looking quite good on the whole with just the occasional blemish making an appearance. And these are largely due to lifestyle (cheating on the diet, not getting enough sleep etc).

That said my skin care has changed a bit and I have picked up a few tricks that has helped me to maintain that pregnancy glow I’m really enjoying right now. If you’re interested I’ll list them below for you:

The first thing I did was cut out use of salicylic acid. This is a big no-no during pregnancy (as are most acne treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide and Accutane), which really is a bit of a bummer when you’re breaking out on a daily basis.

I found the best way to deal with the breakouts was to keep my skin clean, treat it gently and wait the blemishes out. Not easy to do let me tell you!

I found using witch hazel as a toner went a long way to helping my skin look and feel better. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and went a long way towards reducing redness and swelling. I would also dab it directly to particularly bad blemishes.

Another thing that really helped the condition of my skin is regular exfoliation. During the first trimester I relied mostly on mechanical exfoliators (the type with the fine little beads in it). This is not my favourite kind, but I was wary of chemical exfoliators during that delicate period. I really like Nivea’s Daily Essential scrub with B12.

When I moved into the second trimester I phased my peels back in (these are exfoliators that use acids such as fruit enzymes and lactic or glycolic acid.) I use these twice a week and my skin is reacting really well to it. The types I am using are gentle and use fruit enzymes. I really like the Freeman’s Pineapple Mask. Exfoliation is the most vital step in skin care in my opinion and there are plenty of good masks out there so shop around and consult your doctor.

In terms of my everyday skin care I have paired it down to be incredibly simple with more natural products. I have tried to steer clear of harsh products or those that contain sulfates, parabens or phthlalates. I currently use The Beauty Factory’s Daily Ritual range and my routines look like this:


Quick cleanse with Bioderma, apply eye cream, apply hydrating serum (using Yves Rocher Hydrating Serum), apply moisturiser with SPF (using the Beauty Factory Multi-Vitamin Day Cream)


First cleanse with an oil cleanser (using the Body Shop’s Chammomile Oil Cleanser), second cleanse with cream cleanser (using The Beauty Factory’s Cream Cleanser), apply eye cream, apply hydrating serum, apply moisturiser (using the Beauty Factory’s Intensive Night Cream)

I also like to apply a nutritious mask once a week and this I rotate depending on what mood I’m in on the night.

Wow reading back on this it looks like a lot! But it’s really not. My routine literally takes me five minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening.

Daily side notes:

Hubby and I were watching the Monkey moving from the outside last night. We’re starting to distinguish between kicks and rolls. Rolls look so cool!

I managed to drag myself out of bed for a workout this morning. I hate having to get up, but my whole day feels so much more productive. I have to make more of an effort to do it more often.

It feels like South Africa skipped spring and jumped right into summer. We’ve been 30 degrees and about all week. It’s amazing! Last night I heard bullfrogs for the first time this season. I’m ridiculously excited.



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