What a wonderful suprise baby haul!

So today started out just like any other Friday – I got up, worked out, showered and ate breakfast, headed to work excited about seeing my family later in the day. Then something wonderful happened!

I was sitting at my desk drinking tea and going through my to do list when I got a call about a parcel waiting for me and would I come fetch it. I was a bit perplexed, because I hadn’t ordered anything, but I headed off to go fetch the mystery parcel in quick order because: presents!

So I collected the parcel quickly ripped into it and to my surprise it was filled with baby clothes! The cutest collection of pink I have ever seen. Right at the bottom was a little note addressed to my daughter from some friends of ours all the way from Cape Town!

I was absolutely stunned and started crying all over the place because: hormones. Then called my husband in excitement. It is moments like these that I truly realise the special people I have collected in my life. This is a particularly close friend whom I don’t talk to often, but is never far from my thoughts. I miss her all the time and the fact that she took the time to think of me and my baby and send a gift from so far away is completely stunning.

So thank you so much my special friend!!!

Here is what she got me (I took the photos in my car so I apologise for the bluish cast. Rest assured they are all adorably pink.)



First off is this adorable waterproof, full body bib. I am so excited for this. I have wanted one since I saw my sister-in-law’s while we were away. I’m so amped!


How cute are these two little onsies?

20140905_111508 20140905_111512

This one is a little warmer with long sleeves. The baby will be coming in January, which is summer for us, so its nice to have the options of long and short sleeves.


And these socks! I can’t even! How frickin’ cute are these?



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