Pregnancy Update: Week 20

Can you believe we’re at the half way mark already? My mind is blown! In another 20 weeks I will be meeting this little monkey! I cannot wait!

This past week was pretty hectic for us. As I mention in my Friday post, we’re on holiday this week so there was a lot of prep work that had to be done. My parents flew back from Sweden and needed to be picked up from the airport, as did hubby’s sister and her family and his aunt and uncle. On different days. So there was a lot of running back and forth.

I also had to pack up our stuff for the week, including outfits for the wedding and kitchen tea, take the cats to a friend of mine who is looking after them for the week, get my hair done. So much stuff!

So it flew by and we’re off.

Baby is getting bigger and stronger each week. I’m pretty sure we’ll start feeling her move from the outside really soon. I can’t wait for Hubby to be able to feel her. I keep putting his hand on my belly hoping that she’ll kick really hard, but nothing yet.

How far along? 20 weeks – Half way whoop!

Baby is the size of a: Mango!

Total weight gain/measurements: Last I checked we were at 59kg.

Maternity clothes: This week I broke out even more of my summer clothes. The warm weather is awesome

Stretch marks: Nope

Best moment this week: Getting to spend an awesome afternoon with my parents and a pampering morning getting my hair done. I haven’t had my hair coloured at a salon in so long, it was such a luxury.

Miss anything? Not really. I’m well in the stride of pregnancy now.

Movement: She’s getting stronger

Food cravings: I’ve been back to wanting sweet things, which is annoying. But I’m controlling it – only giving in a few times.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope 🙂

Gender: A girl!

Symptoms: The usual. I have found that when you accept them as part of pregnancy they’re much easier to deal with. The tiredness and pains come with the territory so I’m just rolling with it. Still tired, I get heartburn every now and then, really thirsty all the time, my body temperature is running quite hot now and I still have sniffles. But my hair and nails look fantastic.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: I’m very happy right now

Exercise: I started out great with a short strength session every morning and squeezing in some cardio here and there

Looking forward to:  A whole week off!





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