August Doctor Appointment and Sex Reveal

So I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday. I get really anxious and angsty in the days leading up to the scans. I think it’s a reaction from the first scan being so bad. I was terrified to go to the second one. And then in the days leading up to this one, I got all nervous again.

Not that I needed to be, the scan went wonderfully. The doctor commented on my blood pressure, which was normal, but a little higher than last time. But then she got to the scanning part and I forgot all my worries and got lost in the wonder of seeing my monkey again.

I get so overwhelmed, I laugh and cry. It must be a sight to behold. Hubby couldn’t be with me for this one, so I think that added another level of anxiety for me. During the scan I was sad he was missing out on seeing the baby which was in high spirits and doing tricks, wiggling around, and being naughty.

The best part is that the Dr confirmed the sex! I wanted to write something cute, or do a cute little reveal post, but I’m too excited. Baby H is a…. GIRL!!!

At our NT scan the doctors were pretty convinced she was a girl, but at 13 weeks there was still a little room for error. So I told my OB that they thought she was girl and she said, “Well, let’s check.” She wiggled the wand around and then said yep, definitely a girl.

I’m so excited. And even better than that, she is looking so perfect. Her blood flow is good, her organs are developing well, her brain looks good. I could see toes on her feet and see her spine. There was nothing in the scan that was any cause of concern. So happy!

It’s amazing what you can see during the scans, I could count fingers and toes, I can see that she has my chin, we know that she’s measuring quite big. She’s measuring 18w5 days.

So my due date has been moved up to 10 Jan and I am rolling over to 19 weeks on Saturday.

So that’s all I have for you for now. I can’t get the smile off my face. It’s going to be a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “August Doctor Appointment and Sex Reveal

  1. Jaime says:

    Congrats on the baby girl! I’m catching up on blogs right now and girls are 2/2 on gender reveal posts! Plus our little girl and almost everyone I know is having a girl! 🙂 A bunch of sweet baby girls coming soon!

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