The Pregnancy Epidemic


It’s amazing how at certain times in your life you notice, or rather certain things become significant for you.

Before I started on with my pregnancy journey other people’s pregnancies were treated with an “hmm, that’s nice mentality.” They seemed few and far between and didn’t seem to impact my day to day life at all.

Now there are pregnant women wherever I go. It’s a baby epidemic. Or I rather think my eyes are finally open and I’m noticing it more. I’m the only person in my close circle of friends currently expecting, but I’m sharing this pregnancy with a colleague at work, numerous twitter and Facebook friends as well as five people who write blogs I have always read. All due at around the same time! It’s pretty amazing actually. Then there are the women who I have sought out, the blogs I read since becoming pregnant so I can share this journey with others and those I’ve come across through this blog.

Isn’t the internet an amazing place?

So many babies in 2015, so many blessings for all those families. It makes me ridiculously happy.


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