Stuff for baby

I haven’t bought anything for baby just yet, Husband and I are waiting for gender to be confirmed before we go crazy with the shopping.

But that hasn’t stopped other people (ahem, grandparents and grand aunt) from shopping for the monkey. So already there is a small, and growing!, pile of goodies sitting in the room that will become the nursery just waiting to get sorted and packed out.

So here’s a look at what we’ve got so far:


My mom bought me a beautifully illustrated copy of the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. My sisters and I loved these books as children and would beg for them to be read at story time. It was so incredibly special to get a copy for my own child. I instantly burst into tears (damn hormones).


From my mother in law we got this gorgeous little sign and stuffed lion. The sign reads “Sleeping baby, be quiet or baby sit” too cute! The lion is made from a soft corduroy material and it has a bell inside.


Another lion. This one is like a squeeky dog toy, but still very sweet. I think lions are this kid’s totem animal.


My parents brought this back all the way from Thailand where they bought it along with my sister and brother in law. Its for a one year old, so it will be a while before it gets worn, but its adorable.

IMG_3180 IMG_3179

Aah! I can’t deal with the cuteness! This babygrow is so tiny I can’t even deal with it. This was an optimist and indulgent purchase. but too cute to leave in the store. It may be a gift for someone else, who knows.


And finally Husband’s aunt gave us this cute little baby hat and booties. So soft and small! I can’t get over how small newborn stuff is.

And that’s the whole collection for now


2 thoughts on “Stuff for baby

  1. rippednglittered says:

    Such a good idea to wait on the gender reveal. We seriously went to the store straight after the ultrasound! I couldn’t wait to start buying skirts and tutus, and pink blankets and paint for the nursery. Soo exciting!!

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