Fashion Friday: Maternity Haul

The time has come to invest in some maternity clothes. My regular clothes are getting more and more uncomfortable and I feel like I’m growing by the day.

So I took myself off to do a bit of shopping and came away with some things that I feel will stand me in very good stead.

The first few items are non-maternity, but I feel that they will see me through for a while. I will be large in the spring/summer, which is fast approaching. So with this in mind I got some basics that I feel I will be needing.

IMG_3159 IMG_3160

Striped tank tops – Spring is around the corner for us (although with this cold front it doesn’t feel like it) and we’re taking a trip to warmer climes in August so I got a few tank tops to help me layer and see me into spring. These were R60 each at Pick ‘n Pay Clothing. They also feel super soft and comfortable and I got larges that will stretch with me.


Polka dot drawstring shorts – I saw these and thought they would be perfect for maternity! I plan to wear them with my tank tops while I’m on holiday. They are so cute with the navy and white, and they have a nice stretchy band that makes them adjustable under the bump! Pick ‘n Pay also had denim shorts which I think I have to go back for.


Peach chiffon top – I have a kitchen tea coming up. I bought this top for that occasion. Also at Pick ‘n Pay Clothing – they’re on a roll for summer! At the moment I think I’ll wear this with jeans and flats, but I’ll play around with it and see what looks I can get. I bought it in a medium – it’s roomy as it is so the medium should give plenty of room to grow.


Blue and white striped tee – Can you tell I have a thing for stripes? I just love how they look and love the casual chic feel that comes with them. I got this on sale at the Gap. This is a small, but the cut is huge. I think this will be awesome in warm weather.


Crop top – I got this piece of floaty gorgeousness at Cotton On (I adore Cotton On). Yes, it’s a crop top, yes I realise I am pregnant. But I will be layering it over another tank top. I think it will look awesome with jeans, shorts and skits. I’m excited.

Right into the real maternity stuff:


Bengaline Pants – I got two pairs of these one in navy and one in black. The sales assistant says they will grow with me well in pregnancy and I can wear them now and later when I’m extra huge. They feel so good and look incredible one. I had to close my eyes when it came time to pay though…


Chiffon dress – I found this dress at Mamas and Papas on sale. It’s very cute with its navy and white polka dots. It’s an 8, but it feels huge on me. I think this will be great when I’m enormous. And it’s nice and light so great for hot weather.

And that’s it. I add my three new maternity pieces to the existing ones I have: A grey and navy layered maternity tank I found at Mr Price ages ago, and two chiffon sleeveless button downs which I also got at Mr Price, but last year. I plan on going through my wardrobe and digging out what will work when I’m bigger.


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