Random post

I’ve been wracking my brains to think of something to write, but I feel so scattered today that I honestly can’t narrow it down to just one topic.

I have so much on my mind from wondering why I feel hungry all the time to what I can do to stop the damn headaches. I also feel weird. Like my brain refuses to settle, I find little to interest me at the moment. Books, TV, the internet, nothing holds any allure so this is going to be a random post of the thoughts running through my brain right now.

I discovered an awesome blog this morning – Someday Mama – which documents Jena’s struggles to conceive. She is now 18 weeks pregnant with twins! Her gender reveal video was so lovely. I really enjoyed how excited she was. It’s really heart-warming and worth checking out.

I seriously cannot stop eating. I am hungry all the time. I don’t know what to do anymore because it seems like no matter how much I eat, or what I eat, I am never full.

A work colleague of mine told me she was also pregnant. She’s about 6 weeks behind me and I’m really excited for her because she struggled to conceive her first and thought the second would be difficult as well. Although it’s a surprise I know she’s going to rock it.

I have definitely popped. My belly is there all the time now. I wake up in the morning with it, lying down it’s there. Of course it still gets bigger throughout the day so the bloat is still hanging around. But no matter, I’m still excited.

More and more my husband and I refer to the baby by the gender guess we were given at our last scan. I try not to, but it’s difficult. I can’t wait for a conclusive answer on what the sex is. At the moment I worry that I get attached to this gender and if we are told something else that I will be disappointed. Irrational maybe, but it is what it is.

Thanks for hanging around if you did. I’m hoping to shake this weird mood soon.



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