Getting back to healthy ways

Glory Hallelujah! I managed to eat an entire salad and not gag today! I am completely in love with the second trimester already!

Not just that but I’ve been back to gym a few times now! I actually went inside. I changed. I got on the treadmill. I did strength exercises!!! I’m so excited I’m beside myself.

I have always been a pretty healthy person.

Don’t get me wrong, I was never a gym slave or lived an extremely strict lifestyle when it comes to diet, but I was sensible. I went to gym three to four times a week, I could run a pretty good distance at a not bad speed, I lifted weights and was happy with my body. For the most part I ate really well and I enjoy healthy food and feeling good and that had a lot to do with it. I’m very interested in nutrition and the effects it has on the body, but I did indulge in some ice cream every now and again.

Then I got pregnant. And all of a sudden I was a walking, talking zombie that could only stomach carbs, eggs and chicken. Bed time was whenever there was a soft surface nearby, the gym was a place I hadn’t seen the inside of in three months. And I started to feel down on myself.

First off – I want to give my child every advantage I can in this life. I want to eat healthy and make sure it gets the nutrients it needs, I want to be fit and healthy because my child will be healthy. Also a fit family life improves the chances of having a child who enjoys exercise. Exercise makes labour easier (or rather you handle it better), you bounce back quicker. I am on board for being a fit mama.

Secondly – I feel better about myself when I’m making good choices and being healthy. It’s not necessarily a self-esteem thing and more of an empowerment thing. I enjoy feeling strong and capable.

Thankfully we seem to be over the hump. I have plans to get to the gym or exercise at least four, if not five days a week from now on. It just makes me feel better.

Also I cannot wait to start eating better. That has been happening in small increments for a few weeks, but now I feel like its full steam ahead. I’m so excited!


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