Pregnancy Update: 12 weeks

Here we go folks week 12! We made it! I breathed a sigh of relief when I woke up on Saturday morning. This is the big one we’ve been waiting for.

when I saw the doctor six weeks ago and they spotted what could potentially be a problem with the baby I honestly thought that we would never get here. When she was explaining what could be wrong to us my brain ceased and all I really got was “wait and see,” “potentially have to terminate,” and “if you have a miscarriage then we have our answer.”

Not fun to go through, but no miscarriage so I’m taking this as good news and a good omen. We have our big appointment this week. We see the specialist on Wednesday and then we will hopefully know more about what is going on. I am both excited and terrified out of my mind.

On a day-to-day level I am feeling so much better. I am getting my energy back, I barely feel ill anymore (I say barely because every now and then I will get a wave of nausea, or dizziness that makes me feel awful). My boobs are also less sore and I have started to eat meat and some vegetables again. I feel hopeful that I’m over the first trimester ickiness and I look forward to feeling better in the second.

My middle is also starting to thicken – I feel significantly! To me it seems as if there is a definite baby bump and some days I feel enormous.

One bad thing I have developed is pelvic pain. Sitting or standing too long results in intense pain in my butt. Its really uncomfortable and I think really early for this kind of thing.

How far along? 12 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Plum!

Total weight gain/measurements: I have put on a whole two kilos since the start of this pregnancy. I started off at 56kg and I’m now stable at 58 – which is my comfy weight regardless (as previously mentioned I was weighing a lot less at the start than normal for me.)

Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes yet, but possibly soon. I’m hoping I can survive through the winter months before I show enough to have to go shopping

Stretch marks: Nope

Best moment this week: Buying a body pillow to help me sleep. Bless the person who invented theses – also great for sitting on the couch. It really helps with the pelvic pain

Miss anything? Not really. I have been able to eat most things this week and am over anything I’ve been restricted on.

Movement: Nothing yet

Food cravings: I’m still loving my Greek yogurt and eggs. But this week I managed to eat a baby spinach salad loaded with tomatoes and cucumber and it was amazing.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I haven’t felt ill at all last week and it was awesome! The only time my stomach causes an issue is when I’m in the laundry aisles at the grocery store. All the different smells of the fabric softener is god awful.

Gender: Nothing yet

Symptoms: The pelvic pain is my pain bug bear and I’ve been getting headaches again. I still get the crampy, pinchy feelings on and off and the gas seems to never go away. And some really weird ass dreams.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On and feeling a little loose

Happy or moody most of the time: Last week as stressful at work, but despite this I felt happy and calm. It made a fantastic change

Looking forward to:  The doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Despite the stress of the situation I really want to see this little monkey again! Also I might get to see my dad this week and hubby’s folks will be here to visit on the weekend.





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