Getting dressed in the first trimester

I am what is normally considered a high maintenance person.

I like to look nice and spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. I’m not a morning person at all, so planning is key to making sure my clothes look good. And then I spend a huge chunk of time putting my makeup and doing my hair.

For non-pregnant me. You see, pregnant me needs a forklift to get out of bed in the morning, hasn’t really done her make up in ages because it requires too much energy, my clothes are starting to get really tight and uncomfortable and no matter what I try, hiding the bloat is next to impossible!

You’d think the first trimester would be easy to handle in the wardrobe department. It makes sense to keep wearing what you’re used to right? Wrong!

Getting dressed has gone from an enjoyable morning ritual to pure torture. It doesn’t help that it’s mid-winter here in Johannesburg and we’re having an unpleasant one. Blegh!

So the past few weeks I have made the monumental effort of putting some effort into my appearance again. It just makes me feel better about myself. It helps that I’m starting to get a little bit of energy back and that I don’t feel sick in the mornings anymore (nope, just in the afternoons and just in time for dinner!)

So my objectives:

To look a little more put together.

To try and hide the bloat a bit

To wear clothes that don’t make me feel like I’ve been overstuffed or dig into my belly (This eliminates more than half my wardrobe!)

Here are a few outfits I’ve managed to put together to help in my quest. I have gone shopping recently for some leggings, pants with stretchy waistbands and some nice comfortable skirts. I need a few longer length tops, but we’re getting there.


Leggings – Makro, Cat knit – China Market, Motor cycle boots – Mr Price

Coming up roses

Jogger pants – Mr Price, Oatmeal coloured jersey – Pick ‘ Pay, Extra large scarf – Rozanne and Pushkin, Black ankle boots – Woolworths

Keep it simple

Jeans – Edgars, Grey knit – Pick ‘n Pay, Black Motorcycle boots – Mr Price

So the tips so far:

1. Jean are ok as long as they are low rise, have plenty of spandex and stretch, dark colours usually work best but if the fit is good go for it.

2. Leggings are made by the gods and can be worn as pants in extenuating circumstances (Such as pregnancy). Try to make sure your bum is always covered

3. Joggers are equally god like – loose, comfy, elasticated waistbands – what more could a girl as for? Con – they usually require heels to dress them up.

4. Body con skirts are great because you can roll the waistband down for comfort. Wear with sweatshirts for sports casual look or knits for dressier occasions.

5. Puffer waistcoats and chunky knits disguise a thicker middle.


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