We have lift off!

It happened! The plane has left the ground, the journey has begun; life will never be the same again!

I am actually in a bit of shock. No matter how much you want it, planned for it or suspect it nothing really prepares you for the sight of that positive symbol.

Here’s how it happened:

A and I both suspected something was up based on my completely irrational behaviour last week along with symptoms like on and off nausea, weird things going on with my boobs, extreme tiredness etc. But you kind of explain those all away. You don’t really want to get your hopes up in case it’s not what you think it is.

I will admit to taking a sneaky pregnancy test in the middle of my two week wait, just to see if I could get an early positive, but nothing. So I told myself to hold off until 14 days post ovulation to test again.

Even then I thought I was in for more of a wait. I had read a lot about positives not showing up until later and that not everyone gets them at 14 days. So I was hopeful, but not really expecting anything when I took the test on Saturday morning.

Well, I must be quite pregnant because the positive showed up before the control window could change. I had barely put the thing down and it was positive.

In the spirit of complete disclosure I will say that my first thought was “holy shit!” Then I rushed off to tell hubby.

I took another test again later that day, this time one of those digital ones that tells you ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ and gives you the time since conception.

This one once again said pregnant and told me I was 2 – 3 weeks! (I was expecting 1 – 2 weeks. A says I’m focusing too much on the semantics.)

So I have a doctor’s appointment today to get the blood test done. In the meantime I have been getting more symptoms to complain about 😉

I am definitely getting more nausea and I have a suspicion that the prenatal vitamins make it worse. Today has been the worse day by far. 9.30 is my bedtime these days.

I cannot go much past that. It’s like my eyelids are waited.

My boobs are bigger and this is not my imagination! My bras feel tight and they’re starting to hurt now. I also get shooting pain in my right armpit – random but true.

Heartburn is also becoming my companion now. I don’t get it after every meal, but more often than not it rears its ugly head.

I am also getting a lot of headaches. Really painful shooting headaches that pass relatively quickly and seem to come in waves. I could really do without this one.

I also have dizziness and am lightheaded when I stand up after sitting or lying down for a while. Spots before my eyes and all that fun stuff.

Then finally I have cramping in my lower abdomen. Sometime dull aching cramps and sometimes sharp shooting cramps. They normally come in the afternoon or evening.

So that’s it I feel really excited and overwhelmed and happy and terrified. My emotions are all over the place but the predominant emotion is complete joy.


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